Even more flowers are showing their colors!

 The roadsides are coated in Bluebonnets!   I love this time of year when the colors of God’s palette are everywhere.

 Up close and personal! 




and a little closer to home…like right in the backyard, lol….the YELLOW Peace Rose (Climber) has burst into bloom!   These started out orangy red buds and opened to bright pink with tinges of yellow…don’t see much of the yellows we have seen in earlier years.  This is one of my favorite roses.

The Mr. Lincolns are loaded with buds, but no blooms yet.


  Meanwhile,  down on the Pecan Bayou,  we have wild Mustard claiming it’s share of attention.  It’s wonderful to see water in the Bayou again and all the green grasses (and weeds) doing their thing.  



 This is the first year I’ve seen wild mustard in our fields.  Some of the local fields are covered in yellow…really pretty from the roads.

 Susan ~ Patchkat






One response to “Even more flowers are showing their colors!

  1. Beautiful! I love Spring too! Frank and I have joined the Butte Rose Society to learn more about roses. Have 15 bushes in the back yard and they are just now getting a few buds. We’re a little behind you. Hope they will flourish this year as I had them pruned and got info on fertilizing and caring for them. Only know names of two but when they bloom, can take them to meetings as “mystery roses” and someone will be able to identify them. I have a “map” drawn up so that I can keep track as I learn what they are.