Old Cemeteries…really interesting places

Burkett has cemetaries…probably more as some of the family ranches have their own…but 2 that we’ve visited.  

The Burkett city cemetery is getting full.   There are gravesites dating to the early 1800s and possibly a few earlier ones.  As with many old cemeteries, there are many unmarked gravesites.   The cemetery association has leveled markers, replaced and repaired some…and there are still more needing attention.   Right now, the blue bonnets are in full bloom, so it’s a beautiful place to walk through.

The second cemetery sits on a hill just above the Pecan Bayou and is called Adams cemetery.  The place was named for the family whose land it was started on.  There are gravesites there dating back to the 1800s also.  We were out there a few weeks back checking things out.   Someone has taken the time to replace markers for the unknown graves.  Nice flat concrete markers with numbers.  It would be great if someone could come along and figure out who was buried there.  This cemetery is full of iris beds.  It will be in full bloom in another week.

  THis grave is completely covered in shells.   It’s quite lovely and shows someone both loved the shells (probably from the Bayou!!) and took the time to do the decorative covering.  What a work of love.

  I love the old markers…the shapes, the designs on them and the love that went into the handcrafted ones.






            The Hangin’ Tree?     Supposedly, the cemetery came about because a man stole a horse and took off on it…the horse owner (who was inside eating lunch) came out on his porch, saw the thief, and shot him.   The thief was buried where he fell and so began Adams cemetery.  Another story goes that the thief was caught and hung from the old oak tree in what is now Adams cemetery.  Who really knows?   Either story is interesting and definitely portrays country justice being served.   

I really enjoy our strolls through the old cemeteries…always have.  I love looking at the old, old markers.  The new ones aren’t near as interesting.

Susan ~ Patchkat



3 responses to “Old Cemeteries…really interesting places

  1. I must admit my Mom has pulled me through a few cemeteries doing her genealogy….grin. That does look like a hanging tree.

  2. Thank you for the comments on cemeteries. I would love to see this one some day. Im sure there is a lot of interesting history in there :)