God’s Promises

Yesterday was lab work and Dr.  day.  The chemo has quit working and we’re definately changing meds.   Kidney issues have settled down, blood work was good.  Cancer tumor marker numbers were up yet again.   I feel great, so I cannot complain.  All that told,  I was still a little on the blue side after the visit.   It would be so cool to have good reports rather than always being negative.   So, while I was on my cell phone whining about the med issue,  I looked up from the wheel to see this…

 A huge, brightly colored double rainbow!    Genesis 9 tells us that God sent the Rainbow as a promise to Noah .   Granted that promise dealt with floods.  

 I took yesterday’s beautiful rainbow as my personal promise that all would be well.  I stopped and caught several shots of both sides…this is the most vividly colored one.  It’s hard to describe how I felt, but my spirits immediately lifted and the evening was nice.

 The house on the left is a co-worker’s home.   She didn’t see the rainbow.   I chased it all the way home.    The closer to Burkett I got, the brighter the left side of the arc seemed to get.  It was a tremendous experience.

Here’s the other end.   You can see both rainbows.  Can you see how the colors are reversed on the outside rainbow?  Isn’t that neat!   Something to do with the light refraction off of the first rainbow.   Both were very visibile in complete arcs.

Susan ~ Patchkat


14 responses to “God’s Promises

  1. How gorgeous! Sorry to hear of the not great report but waiting to hear that new meds are kicking some butt.

  2. Love the rainbow pictures, they are a good reminder that he is in control. I will be praying that your new meds make a difference.

  3. seize it and believe in it…think positive thoughts and it will bring positive to you….don’t stop, don’t ever stop. I’m so glad you saw the rainbow.

  4. Thank, Susan. Although I don’t have cancer, I seem to have everything wrong with me, and then recently got a bug that wouldn’t go away and turned into a sinus infection, et al. Today, after PT, I realized I was just plain grumpy and did not know why (pain is always with me, so I can’t blame it). Your post made me feel so good and grateful. You really are one special lady. I hope your health issues will gradually fade and you will feel as good as your heart.

  5. Rainbows always make me smile, so glad you were given it’s uplifting gift of promise. keeping you always in my prayers

  6. My thoughts and prayers are with you! Hoping your new treatment will work well! Your awesome spirit is an inspiration to me! Hugs :o) Lisa

  7. thinking of you and praying too. You can be sure your message is going far and wide. thanks for the uplifting message.

  8. Susan, I think the rainbow is a promise that you will find new meds which will work well for you. What a beautiful sight and it couldn’t have come at a better time for you. My hubby stayed at a care facility and so that I could to go Sacramento today for a miniatures meeting. I thought you might like to know that we are donating the kits which you sent me to a member of the NAME staff who lost her home and all of her minis in a fire. They will have a good home.
    Many blessings for you!

  9. What a beautiful reminder of God’s love! Rainbow’s always make me feel better, too, along with dragonflies and butterflies!
    Gentle hugs and multitudes of prayers for you….thank you for sharing!

  10. Thanks for sharing your pics. I love rainbows and never experienced a double until I got to Texas. I even experienced being able to see both ends of a rainbow on the ground in Arizona. Nature is awesome.

    I am sorry about your news. Just keep on one day at a time. Thinking of you.


  11. Gorgeous! I’m glad you were able to enjoy the gift and get some positive vibes from it. That was your moment of grace for the day.

  12. Nothing like a rainbow to brighten one’s spirits! A double one -double the joy! I love seeing them–especially when there are 2….

    I hate that report you received–but know there will be meds that will work! Miss you and wish we could be closer…