The mornings are cool, the afternoons get breezy and we can leave the door open for HOURS on end.  The sunsets are spectacular as evidenced by the photo…

  This was snapped about 7PM a few nights ago.  This is the neighbor’s tree…titled here as “The Sunset Tree”.  Love the look of the crooked limbs as silhouetted against the sunset.

 Can you see the exposed rafters of the barn on the left?  Have I mentioned lately how much I love the neighbor’s barn?  So do the kitties as a lot of them sleep over there, hunt mice over there and we have one who even climbs to the rafters to lay in the sun and survey the territory.

Susan ~ Patchkat 



3 responses to “The SUNSET TREE ~

  1. That should be a big framed picture on your wall or the cover on a book. Beautiful!