Remember the problem camera?

I’m still using that little Vivitar camera for my on-the-go shots.   Roll over the name to read about the camera.  I haven’t resolved the lighting/blurry issues, but I can get decent outdoor shots with it.  

Just like any other camera, it is battery powered.   The battery is one that would normally be found in a Nokia phone!  It should be charged in a Nokia phone…there isn’t a battery charger sold for this camera!  Didn’t find that out till after we’d bought it. 

Ernie googled the charger options and found this one.  I don’t remember who he finally ordered from, and there is no other charger sold for this battery (unless it’s a Nokia phone, lol).    This charger is quite lovely to look at…sleek, well made with a lighted charging display.   Thank you to the designer for a coming up with a universal charger.

While this charger works great, it’s a pain to use.   See the black part on the right….it is on really stiff springs, used to wedge the battery (standing up with orange spot) into place.  Underneath the battery, there is a groove with two moveable pins.  Using the charger requires you to line up the pins with the contacts on the bottom of the battery, get the angle just right, and get the spring holder part tight enough to hold the battery in position.   Everytime we charge the battery it takes about 10 minutes of adjusting and fiddling with the angle to get a good contact.   If you don’t hold your mouth just right…it won’t make contact, lol.

Let me tell you.  Before we buy anything else battery operated, I will do some serious research first!

Susan ~ Patchkat


One response to “Remember the problem camera?

  1. Thanks for the heads up! I can’t believe they would create a produce like a battery that has to be charged in a phone. Not a question I would have thought to research. The charger you ended up with sounds awful! Plus you get blurry pictures? Glad I never heard of that camera when I was shopping.