Love those Signs of Spring


The roadways are abloom!   I stopped and snapped this cluster of Paintbrushes on the way home today.  Aren’t they pretty.  Really lacy leaves and stalks of feathery blooms.

Not to be outdone,  there were patches and patches of these pretty purple flowers.  

  Today’s challenge…ID these flowers!  They have 5 distinct petals, the flowers are blueish purple with white, about 1″ wide with feathery leaves.  They grow in mounds and right now, they’re maybe 6-8″ tall. 

Susan ~ Patchkat


4 responses to “Love those Signs of Spring

  1. I love Spring, Anita! We have tons of almond trees and they have just finished blossoming. A beautiful sight! And so many bulb plants blooming now. Lots of camelias. We’re finally having some much needed rain too. We were about half of last year but maybe that will get changed and we won’t have fires in the summer. Enjoy those flowers. We have lupin and the CA poppies as wild flowers and lots of others I can’t identify.

  2. I’ve seen these before!!!! Oh my gosh…. its going to drive me nuts now till I remember what they are called.