It’s almost time….

Our second granddaughter, Cassie is about to pop!   I’m sure she’s ready for this pregnancy to be over and excited to think it soon will be :-)   She has a due date of March 17.   We’ve already been told this first great grandchild will be a boy!   Brad, the baby daddy, has chosen the name Isaac James.  Both biblical names and a lot for a little one to grow into.   You’ll be hearing more on this front in the future :-)

Since they live in Wisconsin, we won’t get to see them until June :-(  but we’re certainly looking forward to the visit!

Hurry up, Cassie Lee!   We love ya.

Susan ~ Patchkat

PS (can you add PSs to blog posts?…)  Cassie’s Mom, Christy, has become a great photographer.  She has been doing family photo shoots for several years…and doing some free-lancing now.  I think she’s doing great work….I’ll share more shots later :-)


4 responses to “It’s almost time….

  1. Congratulations! Our son and daughter in law presented us with our first grandchild last June. I can’t imagine how special a great grand would be.

    • We’re certainly not old enough to be GREAT grandparents, lol. I’ll let you know how special it is when we’ve had a chance to check it out! New territory for us! I’m thinking “awesome” is a good word!

  2. Congratulations Susan! Frank’s granddaughter, Anna in Seattle, is expecting a baby girl any moment now–her first. And his other Granddaughter,Christina, in MO, will give be having her second, a girl also, in a few weeks. Their first was a boy who will be 4 in May. Aren’t babies fun! Wish we were closer!