WWanda has done it again!   Remember the old joke about Squash season?   People see you coming and lock their doors, lol…guess you can have too much of a good thing.   Wishing for a big garden and the flexibility to work one,  I was laughing at the squash seaon thought on the way to work.  What brought this on?   Well….

WWanda met us in town the other day and loaded the back of the van with bags of fresh dug turnips and a large grocery bag of greens!   What a friend :-)   She told me I had to share.   Whatever for?    I love turnips, lol.    I did have 1 taker for a few of the turnips.   Too bad we don’t have root cellars here!   I could get into growing root crops and having fresh vegetables all year long.

The only turnips I had ever eaten were boiled in water with chopped greens and some bacon.  Mom loved them cooked like that but they didn’t love her, lol.  I’ve only cooked them a time or two before, so this is a learning experience for me.

The first batch,  I cooked and mashed like you would white potatoes.  Those were excellent.   Last night I scrubbed and cut the turnips into bite sized pieces, coated them in olive oil, added salt and pepper, then roasted them in the oven at 375 degrees.  YUM!   We will do more of those.   Next time,  I’ll add carrots, onions and some garlic.   I can see those served with a roasted or grilled chicken.

Tonight,  I washed about half the greens.  Melted butter and a little bit of bacon grease in a large skillet,  cut the spine out of the leaves, added salt, garlic, FoxPoint, and pepper.  I sauteed the greens until they were tender.  Served with fried ham slices and biscuits, they were very good.   Strong flavored, sweet smelling and yummy.   Think I’ll cook and freeze the rest of the greens.  I like to use greens in my soups. 

Any other ideas for using/storing turnips?  Canning isn’t an option as I have a dislike of most canned vegetables.    I don’t know what you would do with dehydrated turnips or even if they would dehydrate nicely.   I don’t know if turnips would freeze well.  I had a thought about shredding some and freezing them for soups or to add to sausage casseroles.    Wonder how they would do? 

Susan ~ Patchkat


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  1. Turnips will keep quite a while in the fridge if you have room. I also shred them with a little carrot and onion and use as a mayo type slaw.

  2. Knew an old lady who made all her kraut with turnips. She never used cabbage for making it. It is a German thing.

  3. When I had a kitchen garden (right outside the kitchen window & I had to pass it every day to get in the car) I dehydrated everything I could…tomatoes, zucchini, yellow squash, eggplant, bell peppers and used them in soups all winter long. My dehydrator ran 24-7 for months! It still runs after over 15 years but now I mainly use it to make fruit leathers since we have SO much fresh fruit in the area and I stink at making jams.

  4. turnips can be frozen according to about.com. parsnips work out okay, so turnips should, too.

    • a seasoning from Penzey Spice Co. Our daughter gave us about 6 jars of different spices at Christmas time..and I’m slowly using them and learning what foods they work well with. They are really good. Foxpoint is green in color, lol…and it lends itself to use with vegetables.

  5. That’ my question–what’s Foxpoint? Makes me think of a computer program–but you can’t use that in food…

    There is a Dutch dish that combines mashed potatoes and turnips together—but I don’t know what other seasonings besides butter. I had it once and it was delicious–called Hutspot (not sure of the spelling).

    My family used to sprinkle nutmeg on top of turnips & rutabagas—cubed or mashed–I like that. Use butter too. I absolutely love turnips….had to train DH because he didn’t have them growing up…

    • Haven’t tried them with the sweet seasonings, but I think they could be used just like apples with the right spices. They already have that sweet taste.

      Ernie hasn’t eaten much of them either, but we’re sure enjoying them.

  6. I wish everyone was close enough for me to deliver turnips. We do have a bunch. Still have bunches, as it started raining and we can not get in the garden. Charles pulled a wheelbarrow full three days ago. The senior food place is getting tired of us.

    • I found another taker, but I still have enough to share. Planning to roast some for tonight’s dinner to go with the roast I have cooking. They are wonderful!

  7. I love rutubaga, and my favorite recipe might work for turnips. I cut the rutubaga into squares and boil til softened. Then put butter in a fry pan, add the rutubaga, and sprinkle with granulated sugar. Cook til the sugar is dissolved and the rutubaga are beginning to brown. Yum! I’ll have to go shopping tomorrow and get a rutubaga – or maybe some turnips!

  8. We haven’t grown root crops–but they are hard to get in the grocery stores. Now that we have more Russians living in town, they’re stocking more rutabagas, turnips, parsnips, etc. I’m happy….

  9. How about slice them thin and deep fry like potato chips? We’ve made homeade white and sweet potato chips. Both are very good.