Medical Update :-(

Well…the results from the PET scan showed the cancer is active again…bright hot spots (nothing NEW) and a couple of areas where the tumors have enlarged slightly.   Bloodwork was good and I still feel great.  We discussed a change in treatment.  This one has quit being effective.  I go back in 2 weeks for another check and to see if the insurance has approved the changes in medications.  A minor setback. 

Prayer works and is such a positive action.  If you’re the praying type, please keep this in prayer.  I know without your prayers and the Lord’s touch, I could be much worse off, crippled and in a lot of pain.  I am none of those things.  I cannot complain.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Susan ~ Patchkat


23 responses to “Medical Update :-(

  1. Susan, I will add you to our prayer list. I am so sorry to hear such news, and so impressed with such a positive attitude! You are an inspiration. Blessings, Caroline

  2. Susan,

    I’ll continue to pray for you. We should be encouraging you, but you are always encouraging us. To me you are a miracle. God be with you and continue to show you favor!

  3. Susan,

    You are in my prayers and a prayer chain that goes from Calf. to Ohio.
    I agree with Billie, keep the good thoughts in your heart.

    • Thank you Nancy and Billie. You both boost my spirits with your comments!

      Prayer chains are the only “chain” type things I participate in.

    • Thank you Vivian. I try to keep the faith. Sometimes, it’s a little more challenging than I like to admit.

  4. You have such a positive attitude and you are such an inspiration, Susan. You know you’re loved and many people are praying for you.

    • Thank you for the nice comments. Never ever underestimate God’s love, compassion and the power of prayer. HIS love is awesome!

  5. My thoughts and all my prayers to you. Our Father can do mighty things with our requests and it is in His hands. Bless you and love you.

  6. Susan, Prayers going out for you every day and good thoughts too.May the Lord walk besides you and keep you safe and well again.

  7. Susan, I will keep you in my prayers. My DH just had a PET scan 2 months ago, and his came out negative. He had lots of people praying for him too, hopefully your next one will be clear as well. Now we just have to worry about his lungs.

  8. So sad to hear that the cancer is back. I will pray for you!! May you have many more happy and healthy years on this wonderful earth. Oh, BTW, did I tell you that I bestowed an award upon you and your blog? The Versatile Blogger award? Maybe I forgot. Go to my blog and scroll back a few posts, and you’ll find where I talk about it.

  9. I’m the praying type. Love your blog so have to keep you around and healthy! Keep your spirits up. Go pet a kitty – it’s good for the soul.

    Kathy T. in Tampa