Argh! Look at the gas prices :-(

Summer is coming and we need a good crisis to run those prices up….I know that’s the thinking of the oil companies.  It certainly is disheartening for the consumers.   Don’t you know this will curtail a lot of folks travels for Easter, Spring Break and the Summer vacations.    Click on the link below for today’s price comparisons.


Susan ~ Patchkat


4 responses to “Argh! Look at the gas prices :-(

  1. And as you can see, California is mostly RED. We are above the $4.08 now. Pretty disheartening. We don’t drive too much. Just around town, but I feel sorry for those who commute, sometimes quite long distances. My granddaughter’s husband is about a 3-hr., drive away but he only comes home on the weekends.

  2. My big 40 foot Blurbird Wanderlodge and her 300 gallon fuel tank (Big D) will stay home all summer, no trips to Texas planned. We usually go 6 to 7 times a year in your direction. I will be sewing at home a lot

  3. From what I know our city, Eureka, CA has the highest prices in the nation. $4.49 and counting…. ack!