Well…we managed to tear ourselves away from the sewing room and get some shut eye.   The morning dawned cloudy and with evidences of night time rain.  YEAH!!!   Wanda and I had coffee, got dressed, found the breakfast bar and climbed the steps to the sewing area…and like good little retreaters, we sewed. 

About 10, Judy announced it was time to head for her sewing room, shopping and lunch.  Wanda and I opted to stay here and sew until lunchtime.  Ernie joined us in Santa Anna for lunch at the Rockin’ R’ 5 restuarant.  We agreed NOT to visit the quilt shop as we’re both stashbusting.   A quick trip down the street to Frau Meister’s junk emporium and we were back on the road to the hotel.

I have 2 of the 3 borders on the first quilt, Wanda is stitching her last border on the Christmas swap quilt from another retreat.  Cute quilt…pictures to follow on Monday!

My slave driver (Wanda) is giving me the evil eye for blogging instead of sewing!  Catch y’all later tonight!

Susan ~ Patchkat


7 responses to “RETREAT ~ Day 2

  1. Thank you Anita, She just does not understand, we are here to sew, sew, sew. After all she was AWOL for at least 6 hours on the first day.

  2. I’m not there and wish I were! Altho–I would have headed to the shop—I’m sort of stashbusting but I wouldn’t be adverse to more….LOL! Ya’ll sound like you’re having a terrific time! Hi Wanda! I just bought two of Judy’s books—Fantastic Judy!

    • Wish you were here too, we had a wonderful time even though I had to get out the whip several times. Susan just would not stay on task. We bought Judy’s new book, but did not have time to really read it. I was afraid Susan would find the whip. We did put out the work, borders and old kits (2008).