Texas Weather…Gotta Love It!

Yesterday morning was beautiful….no wind, blue skies, about 28°.    I carried my jacket into church.  2 hours later, the wind had picked up a little, but it was still pretty and sunny.  Another 2 hours passed…the wind picked up…blowing from the South.   The sun had gone to be replaced by a loden grey sky….and it was colder!  A quick shopping trip into Wally World…and on the outbound trip from the store, we were met with giant, wet, floppy snowflakes!  15 minutes into the 45 minute trip home and it was blizzard conditions.  Couldn’t see much beyond 10-12 feet in front of the van.  

By the time we arrived home, the snow had stopped.  Half an hour later, the snowflakes were back and then turned  to sleet…followed by several hours of alternating sleet/snow/rain.  Here we are with the light layer of snow, before the sleet mixture which left about an inch of white stuff on the ground. 

The trip to work this morning was interesting.  The bridges (4 relatively flat and long ones) were icy slush, the highway was just wet.  By noon,  the sun was shining and we were up to 45°.   When we left the office at 5PM, the temp was nearly 65° and tomorrow, we’re to be at 70° +.  

Where else can you experience a 40 degree temp swing, enjoy sun, then flirt with snow all in the same day?   Texas weather is the best!

Susan ~ Patchkat


4 responses to “Texas Weather…Gotta Love It!

  1. Hello Sweetpea! We have the same weather. We’ve had practically no winter, everything is tinder dry, no snow, warmer than ORLANDO! And warmer than Longview this last week. But as the sun set tonight the flakes started to fly and we now have several blessed (and desperately needed) inches of snow. Nasty on the roads but reduces the fire hazard – we’re having terrible grass fires already. Be careful on the slippy bridges!
    Aunt Deb

  2. that’s what they say about Missouri weather,”if you don’t like it, wait about 2 hours and it will change”. it changes so much we never know what to wear