Photo shoot


Complete with golden eyes and long flowing ear tufts and whiskers.   He seems to like being brushed which is a good thing with all that long fur!   Look at that sweet face.



 Check out the gorgeous reds, creams in his fur.  He’s still a tiny boy…vet says he has his adult teeth, probably between 6-10 months.  

ShadowFire has decided he likes being petted, will gladly sit in my lap or be draped over my shoulder.  He’s still very timid about coming out of the bathroom into the house.  


 When he’s had enough fun, those little eyes close and it’s off to kitty nap time.

He’s soft as fluffy cotton.   If you’re a quilter or a seamstress, his furr feels like “Minkee”. He likes belly rubs, kisses and being nuzzled.  We’re both real glad ShadowFire found us!

Susan ~ Patchkat



5 responses to “Photo shoot

  1. What a pretty boy! I’m biased of course since our baby is copper-coloured and long-haired. Once he gets over his terror of being the runt everyone beat up he’ll be a real joy to have around.


    Aunt Deb

  2. He really is a cutie! The majority of orange cats are male. I’ve heard this several places, including two vets. They are usually very loving cats, too. When our long haired orange cat died two years ago, we decided we would never have another long haired cat. A month and a day later, we rescued another long haired orange cat from the local shelter. The two we’ve had really were/are very loving. Both their vets recommended giving them lion cuts in the summer, so they aren’t so uncomfortable in the heat. They are very cute then, too, when the groomer gets done with them.

  3. What a cutie pie! You’re lucky he’s adapting so quickly to hugs and being picked up. We’ve had our Tasha 6-7 years now and she still has problems with trust. She’s slowly coming around — very very slowly–she observes the others climbing all over us and being picked up and watches–we can pet her when she’s eating. Makes one wonder what happened before we got her….