The orange puffball has a new name, “Shadow Fire”.   Thank you to everyone who suggested names…there were so many and we considered all of them and many, many more.   I researched “orange” colors, little kitties, furry kitties,  male kitties, shy kitties…so many possibilities.   Most of the names we liked were way too girly for a little tom.   I will have to say that Lion, Aslan, Cayenne, and Kyan (Little King in African) were all close contenders.

He’s healed from the double surgeries, finished his antibiotics, and he’s cleaned himself up pretty good.  Shadow Fire has quit hiding behind the toilet when we’re in the room with him.  He’s playful and a little purr box.  I have yet to hear a single meow from him and he doesn’t use his claws to play. 

 Tonight,  I picked Shadow Fire up and threw him over my shoulder for a petting session and he seemed to enjoy the experience.  We’ll keep working with him and hopefully end up with a sweet, lovey guy.    I’ll be thrilled when I can take a comb to that fur and get some good shots of him!

Susan ~ Patchkat



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