Fire Update…the continuing saga of the Hi-Rise fire

Things are progressing slowly.  The water cleanup has finished, the building has pretty much dried out.  Now, the asbestos abatement team is hard at work on the 3rd floor.   The architects are drawing up plans for the restoration, for the new sprinkler system, for the new fire systems and who knows what else.  They’re estimating 8-12 months before we can rehome our residents.  We’re hoping they’re being overly cautious in estimating the time.

The residents are packing their apartments for moving into storage.   Some are lucky and already have been assigned new units in other programs.  Others are still waiting to be housed in the area.   The local hotel is benefiting from the fire as we have a number of rooms booked.

Local businesses and residents have still been quite generous in donating snacks and water for those who are packing, clothing and bedding has poured in for residents who have lost everything.   Cash donations are still coming in as are bags of non-perishable foods to help the residents restock their larders.   For those who are living in the hotel, lunch meals are being delivered 7 days a week from local businesses.   How wonderful to see a community pull together.  

Tomorrow,  I will start calling the real estate companies looking for rentals that might work.   In an area this small, that’s harder than it sounds, lol…but I can be pretty persistent.   We’ll get them all housed! 

I think the insurance companies are experiencing a marked increase in people wanting to purchase renter’s insurance.  Out of 54 apartments, only 2 residents had insurance!  Renter’s insurance is soooo reasonably priced.   If  YOU are a renter….check it out.   Around here, for about $200/yr, you can insure $50,000 worth of belongings.    That covers furniture, electronics, jewelry, clothing, kitchen stuff, just about everything.   I have no affiliations with any insurance agents, companies or anything…but I have seen how fast things can go wrong and leave you with nothing.

Susan ~ Patchkat




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