Well, I’ll be…

the little orange puffball is a HE…not a sweet little SHE!!!!   However,  I don’t feel too dumb as the vet “spayed” him today….poor little guy.   All that and he was castrated too.  Based on the knowledge of gender, we’re still looking for a name.

My first choice has become “Lion” as in cowardly Lion…he’s really cowed…flinches if a hand is lifted.  Makes me think as tiny as he is that someone has abused him.   That’s pretty sad.  He’ll be spoiled and loved to death here.  

Anyhow, this little guy needs a strong name.  Your suggestions are welcomed.

Gotta go scratch some ears!

Susan ~ Patchkat


12 responses to “Well, I’ll be…

    • There are some neat Greek names…we enjoyed our time in Greece, may need to research some names! Thanks for the reminder.

  1. You should name him Patchkat, after yourself. With everything you have gone through, I think you are one strong Lady. Love my cats and enjoy the stories about yours.

    My prayers are always with you

    • Oh Nancy! Thanks for the vote of confidence. I wish I was as strong as you and my other readers give me credit for…I just don’t always mention the “oh woe is me times”. Fortunately, those are few and far between! The prayers are most welcome.

      The cats are so entertaining, I can’t help but write about their antics sometimes.

    • I just hope this little guy comes around. I can pick him up and cuddle him, but he sure isn’t happy about the process. Foxy is a neat name!


  2. One of my cats is named Foxy. I took her to the vet to get spayed and she came home a he with both surgeries done, too. He has always had a high pitched meow that my sons tell me is because he was neutered too soon. He is such a big love! He was the best “mother” to the last kitten I adopted.

  3. I suggest Aslan. Still a lion, but anything but cowardly.
    Have been following your blog since All Things North and South, and pray for you frequently.

    • Thanks Shelley. Prayers are always welcome here. I hope you find interesting things on the blog, lol…the new patterns coming out are going to be really cool. Hope you’ll follow along with Christmas Town Sampler starting in July.

      Cute kitty name too!


  4. Hmmm, since he’s marmalade orange, maybe Marmaduke? That would give him high aspirations! Shortened, could be Marmy or Duke…

  5. ROFLOL – okay probably not funny to the cat! I think since he’s so tricky he should be Trickster.

  6. How about Leon? You know–Leo the Lion–even Leo. Anyway, our Tasha is skittish still—we’ve had her 7 years almost—you can’t scratch her under the chin or she’ll freak out majorly! She’s getting tamer tho—and we can pet her now–and she talks more and asks for water or goodies. That’s a major accomplishment! I think the other 3 girls have helped her with this–they’re climbing all over us and she sees this–yep–we have very very spoiled kitties….