Argh! Look at the gas prices :-(

Summer is coming and we need a good crisis to run those prices up….I know that’s the thinking of the oil companies.  It certainly is disheartening for the consumers.   Don’t you know this will curtail a lot of folks travels for Easter, Spring Break and the Summer vacations.    Click on the link below for today’s price comparisons.


Susan ~ Patchkat


a little more eye candy from the retreat

This was Cheryl’s Texas Wildflowers.  Love that stacked setting block! 

   and this one is her version of a Bonnie Hunter design.  Quite lovely and wonderful controlled scrappy colors! 






Work in progress by one of the San Angelo gals!  I love 4 patches and this one just makes my heart sing.






not sure who made this one, but it’s another one that just makes me happy.






  more quilts….

 there were quilts to look at and blocks on every surface.  It was grand.




It was a fun retreat.  Thank you Judy!

Susan ~ Patchkat


Here we are in week 8 and I finally have some new numbers to post!

Stashbusting ~  YEAH!!!!

  • Yardage purchased this week –  0 yds
  •  Yardage used this week    8.5 yds
  •  Year to date purchased –  0 yds
  •  Year to date used (goal 300 yds) –  18.5 yds
  •  UFOs (goal 10) –  
  • Charity quilt tops made – ytd (goal 20) –  2  
  •  Charity quilts completed – ytd (goal 20) –  0

all of this is from the stash except for the grey flowered stuff.

I had to cut borders for another quilt and more blocks and a backing.

With any luck,  I’ll get to sew tomorrow (we’re off for President’s day).  

 I should have better numbers next week, but as they say on American Pickers,  I broke the ice!

Susan ~ Patchkat


What I worked on….

I arrived late, ate too much, visited lots…and yes, I did sew.

I finished a NYE mystery quilt top (presented by Ann Smith on TheQuiltingPost).  What a fun and easy pattern.  This is the same pattern WWanda used for her burgandy, cream and green version.  

I made blocks for a second NYE mystery quilt, but have decided I want to make it lap size, so more cutting and sewing will be in order.  Here are the completed blocks on the design wall.  I love the colors and it looks so different from the blue, grey, green version.


   I also finished a quilt top from a Sunshine group UGLY fabric challenge.   I wouldn’t say it was particularly UGLY, just not a fabric I would’ve bought for myself, lol.    Here is the fabric ~  those who know me, know I don’t do ditzy little flowers, lol.        



I paired this fabric with cream and a bunch of orange and red scraps from my stash (yeah stashbusting) and here is the finished quilt top.  I’m pleased with the way it turned out.  No pattern, no measurements…just cut and sew.  FUN. 


The UGLY stuff is the little square in the center of the colored rectangles and the inner border of the outside frames.

It’s graphic, colorful, and hopefully kid friendly.

I also worked on green blocks for what is going to be a very, very GREEN quilt.   Photos to come when the top is done.

 Susan ~ Patchkat

More eye candy

  Our designated “cutting” table.  Wanda and Karla were both busily working. 

Karla was working on blocks she inherited from her Mom…and the finsihed quilt will go to Quilts of Valor.  A program that provides quilts to returning veterans.


Wanda was working on several quilts that needed borders and then a bunch of BOM.   First up was a Christmas swap block sampler.  Quite attractive!

Then she worked on the NYE Mystery quilt.  Her top only needed borders and it turned out gorgeous!


Then there was Crista from Canada who sat across from me…check out HER quilts….bright, fun and oh so stunning!

   and another from Crista


and another! 

     Susan ~ Patchkat

Final Day :-(

The time has passed so quickly and we’ve had such fun…now it’s over…till maybe next year!

WWanda and I sewed until about 11am, then we had to pack it up so Vince could haul it downstairs to the cars.  Vince was such a sweetheart about carrying the machines and bags.  There were several other husbands on hand to help earlier.  Thanks guys!  Y’all were really appreciated.

While we sewed this morning, we observed a Chickadee outside the sewing room window…that was followed by a Cardinal and finally, out of the woody area, a Roadrunner!  He (or she) created a little excitement as there were a few ladies who had never seen one up close.  This one obliged and posed for photos.  Stupid birds!  

Last night, we had an impromptu show and tell of what we had worked on at the retreat.  The room we were in was quite spacious and the floor was COVERED in quilt tops.   It was wonderful and a definate treat for the eyes.  Here are a few of the photos…

 I think these were by one of the San Angelo gals…she was quilting and knitting!  Some of their group was also doing very beautiful bead work~  Very talented bunch of ladies!!!

 Chains…very intricate looking and most striking!  I’m hoping one of the retreaters will claim this!  I didn’t get names with the quilts.

  One of the brights…so much fun fabric in one place ought to be illegal, lol.  I love the fabrics and the rail fence blocks.

  Think the maker of this one was from Waco, TX area.

  This is some SERIOUS “A” stuff…think the quilter had about 35 blocks in all shades of browns, greys and tans.  Absolutely wonderful blocks…and a gift for someone.  This would be a labor of love!

Here is the proof that Judy really DID sew a little.  Like she said, she can sew anytime, so for her, the retreat was a time for visiting with other quilters.   She shared her table with Doris, another very talented quilter.

 This is the quilt Doris was working on in the above photo.  I just love the blue/yellow combo.  This is one of the many quilts Doris had with her to work on and all of them are wonderful.  She’s very prolific!

  I have a bunch more photos, but will put them in the next post so the computers don’t get graphically bogged down.

 Susan ~ Patchkat

Day 3, Lake Brownwood Retreat

Coffee, bagel, sewing!  That’s the order of the morning.   I worked with some “ugly” fabric from a Sunshine friend…started working on blocks from scratch, no pattern, just an idea…and it worked!!!!   I did have to rethink a couple of areas as I was working with very limited quantities of scraps from the stash.  Photos by Monday.   I finished the quilt top and will get it in the mail to Ann soonest.

WWanda worked on her NYE Mystery quilt.  Her top is now finished!   I love her colors…pinks, greens and a deep reddish, purpley pink.  That’s 2 finishes for each of us…not bad for 2 days of quilting.  

Judy had cooked White Bean Chili for our dinner and had plenty of sandwich stuff for today’s lunch.  All good!  We never, ever go hungry at these retreats.   There were all kinds of snack food, chips, cookies, cream cheese with Chipotle Raspberry Sauce, crackers, nuts, candy, oranges and pretzels.   I did say there was plenty of food, didn’t I?????

This evening, Judy had us all put out everything we’ve worked on so that everyone could take photos.  We also introduced ourselves (hey…better late than never!) and I met a few of my blog readers.  Now I have faces to put with the comments. 

WWanda finished a couple of old BOM kits and I sewed on NYE Mystery quilt #2 after dinner tonight.   Hopefully,  we’ll have the current projects finished in the AM before we have to pack it up and head home.   It’s been a fun retreat and I feel like I’ve gotten lots done AND  I will have numbers for my Stashbusting report tomorrow!  YEAH~

The hotel has been real nice…rooms are nice, everything is new.   Only con…the sewing room is upstairs.  That’s lots of heavy carrying.  We’ll hae to do that in the morning.    All that food…..the sewing machines, all the bags…argh!  Where are the valets when you need them???

Susan ~ Patchkat