In our own back yard !!!

 When Burkett was a booming town, there were 3 cotton gins similar to this one.  One of them was in our back 40!  All that’s left now is the rock foundation and a few artifacts we’ve turned up.  I’m glad the building is gone, but I would love to have seen this area when it was flush with people.  

 It’s hard for me to imagine a main street full of businesses…3 churches, gas stations, a school, lawyers, doctors, blacksmithy, several cafes, barbers, hair stylists, grocery stores…and the list goes on.  There are a few oldtimers who remember how it was. 

The Nice Boss Lady grew up in Burkett.  She remembers some of the businesses.  She found a few photos from early on when oil was king.  A few years back, she drew up the town and had the oldtimers help her mark the locations of the businesses and which families lived in which houses.   It’s by no means complete, but it’s pretty neat.  I’m still hoping for a copy of it for myself! 

Have I mentioned lately how much we love this little town of Burkett?  It’s an official Texas Ghost Town…population is listed at less than 50. 

 It’s claim to fame is the old metal bridge which is still in use today…the “Grove” which runs under the bridge and on the both sides of the Bayou where fairs and carnivals used to set up and the pecan trees that give the Bayou and the Grove their names.   There were Indians who hunted, fished and had plentiful stands of nuts, wild plums and grains to eat.  Is it a pretty town?  Nope.   But we sure love living here!

Susan ~ Patchkat


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