A week of hauling kitties ~

This week has seen Tippy, Clara Belle, Ditto and the little orange fluff ball taking trips to the vet.  All have been vacinated and spayed except the fluff ball…she has a respiratory thing going on and the vet kennelled her and started antibiotics first.  They’ll do surgery Monday.

She needs a name – .our choices have to do with her persian face (complete with the mushed in nose) and long, luxuriant coat… Fluffy, Fuzzy, FuzzBall .. Her coat looks like cotton candy…she is super tiny.   Looks like she’s maybe 3-4 months old…and half the size of all the other kittens.  Her eyes are matted and her face is dirty in this picture.  She’s not a particularly pretty girl…though cleaned up, she might be.   We don’t know if she’s a dump kitty or migrated from a neighbor’s herd.  She’s been here about a month and of course, she’s in heat.  :-(  

Anyhow, if you have name suggestions, pass them along! 

Next week, we start on the boy kitties…don’t they have surprises in their futures, lol!   Maybe we can get the herd stabalized again and stop some of the fighting.  I’m pretty tired of going to bed to the sound of Toms squalling.   The turf wars are driving me nuts.

Susan ~ Patchkat


11 responses to “A week of hauling kitties ~

  1. In the picture you posted, her face reminds me of a lioness…maybe
    Nola from Lion King.
    You are a wonder person for taking in so many kitties and having them “fixed”.
    I have four inside cats, a stray that adopted us, my neighbor’s cat comes and sleeps in my son’s Jeep Wrangler in the day and goes
    home at night. And now a big black and white cat has joined us.
    At first you could look at it and it would run away. Now he’s gotten
    so he will let me pick him up and pet him. He also wants food in a
    certain place. The adopted stray sleeps in my utility room at night
    with his bowl of food and water. when he comes in, I have to go in and
    put more food out or he thinks he’s not got anything even if it is full.

    It takes a special person to take in animals and give them a loving home and that you are a special person.

  2. Call her Cotton. She looks like a cotton boll that is blown off the truck after harvesting. A little scuffed up and grungy.

  3. She’s so pretty!
    I’m not good with naming, but if I lived closer, I’d try to talk you out of this one.
    Thank you for taking care of her, and all your othe pets, as you do. A lot of people don’t take the interest that you do. Animals have feelings too.
    Lisa in Alabama

  4. P.S.
    After reading other posted name suggestions, I like ‘Cotton’. I live in the deep south, right in cotton country, so that sounds good.
    Lisa(again) in Alabama