We attended a Town Hall meeting tonight (very good meeting!), went to dinner…and then headed home.  We had 2 vehicles as Ernie came into town for the meeting.  Leaving the resturant,  I didn’t make the expected turn coming out of town because I thought I saw smoke.  I went to check out the smoke which turned out to be the lights shining on trees in the park.   (How dorky did I feel???)

I thought Ernie had made the correct turn and was now ahead of me.   The two roads make like 2 sides of a triangle…I was on one, I thought he was on the other.  I was set on catching up with him on that dark highway after the roads join.   I prefer running behind him so I can see further ahead using his driving lights. 

Well…while I was watching the tail lights disappearing in front of me…I met an oncoming vehicle that promptly flipped on flashy lights and made a U turn.  Yep,  I was nailed by a County Sheriffs Deputy.   My heart sank…it’s been years and years since I’d gotten a ticket for anything.    While I was sitting on the side of that dark road,  Ernie passed me.  He pulled off in front of me and called me…the conversation went something like  this – him: ” That IS you”, me: “yes”,  him:  “did he get you for speeding?”  me: “yes”.   Him: “how fast were you going?”  me: “the speedometer showed 82”.   Me:  “why don’t you go on home,  I’m okay”  Him: “are you sure? “ Me: “yes, go on home, I’ll see you there”.  

I couldn’t believe I was going THAT fast at night on THAT road.  I am such a coward at night and usually run under 70 for fear of hitting a deer or a hog…guess I was really zero’d in on what I thought was Ernie’s lights…I didn’t realize he had followed me through town and was behind me or that I was going so fast.  That’s kind of scary.  I know I”m running tired, but you can bet I drove the rest of the way home at a very sedate speed and paying close attention to my surroundings!

 The officer was very nice…and I arrived home with a warning ticket.

Susan ~ Patchkat