One of those days ~

Yesterday wasn’t too great and today was a repeat.  It’s hard dealing with people who have lost their homes.  They’re in denial, they’re grieving their stuff and they want to strike out at someone…anyone…whoever is in front of them.   They are angy.  They say things that shouldn’t be said…they don’t think before they speak.  While I can understand all those feelings, I hate being on the receiving end of the tirades.   All that said, my heart goes out to our residents.   

Today I had to start taking residents in to survey their apartments and to start packing up their personal belongings.   It was hard to watch them discover things that were under a foot of water and ruined.   Most of it is furniture and STUFF…photos and family Bibles are hard to replace…and it was hard to have to witness their distress.  One resident did tell me that it was only stuff and she was thankful to still be alive to dig through it.    Bright spot in the afternoon…I found the calico kitty that the residents had adopted.  She’s been spayed and has vaccinations.   We hadn’t been able to find her since Saturday night.   Guess too much commotion for her liking kept her away.   I heard her cry when I called her this afternoon.  She came right to me and wanted to be loved on.  I made sure there was food and water.  There are 2 other kitties and they both came up to eat.  I guess I will be their caregiver for awhile.

Many of our residents are on fixed incomes with no family to help them during this unsettling time.   Local organizations, churches and individuals have made donations to provide for some of their needs.   Small towns are wonderful for pulling together and helping when needed.  

The Nice Boss Lady and our housing staff has worked many hours since Saturday night, missed lunches all week and come in early, stayed late.  Our regular duties still have to be done.  Today was no exception.  Visualize a 5 story building with no working elevators…and having to lug trash bag after trash bag of  belongings out.  The residents need meds, shoes, coats, clothes, medical equipment and all manner of things.  We’re trying to accommodate all the requests since Sunday mornnig..   Cannot tell you how many trips I’ve made to gather special requests and that’s only a fraction of what the maintenance staff has done.  They’re sore and exhausted.  

My co-workers and I are tired.  We’re mentally exhausted from dealing with our regular jobs and the extraordinary resident needs.   And that’s my frame of mind as I left work tonightr….until I happened a glance in my rear view mirror and saw this…

  Thank you Lord for this beautiful reminder of your compassion, mercy and love.  How can anyone look at a stunning sunset like this and not be enthralled and uplifted?

 Susan ~ Patchkat