Cozy Up!

I have never worn hand knit socks until my dear friend “BAD”Anita gifted me with this pair.  

Here they are, stylishly scrunched around my fat ankles :-).    These wonderful socks kept me toasy warm and my feet think they’re in Heaven .  My toes don’t hurt, they don’t bind and they’re incredibly soft.  

Makes me wish I was a knitter, lol.   And yes, I can hear JudyL saying “if you want to knit, get off your duff and learn how”.   My hat (crocheted of course) is off to those crafty knitters!   I have tried…and I have several books, but somehow,  my left handed self cannot deal with holding those needles the proper way or something.  I can crochet, lol and quilt…does that count?

Thanks again, “BAD” Anita.

Susan ~ Patchkat