Kitty Pics

 Mitzi ~~~ she’s never still, lol….all the photos of her are a little out of focus…think it’s her swirlies? the florescent lighting or the photographer????   I’m thinking it’s the lighting and the photographer.  Every shot of her in this room is blurry.   Ernie found a cheapie tripod that I was playing with…and needless to say,  it’s not going to be used by this chickie!

 Blaze being silly ~~~ this is Mitzi’s box, but as you can see, Blaze decided to pre-empt her time.    See the squinty eyes and the smirk on his little face…

 Bear in all his blurry, furry splendor.  I was still playing with the  little tripod.  Just didn’t work very well.  His shoulder has completely healed and the hair is mostly grown in…the light hair on his ruff is the new hair!  It’s grown in a real light grey instead of the black that he really is…


Susan ~ Patchkat


4 responses to “Kitty Pics

  1. your fur babies are so cute – I have 2 tuxedo cats, a brother and sister that I rescued from the shelter – Hulk is big furry and his sis Little Bit is about half his size and slick haired
    they do keep us entertained

    • All of our kitties are rescue, dump or kittens from one of those KATagories! We don’t turn any kitties away, feed and shelter what we can. Love them all.

  2. What lovely fur-babies!

    Happy new year – wishing you health, happiness and prosperity!