Updates for the New Year ~~~

Last Oncologist appt was good, results were not particularly.  The Cancer tumor markers are up nearly to 700 :-(     The Dr. has scheduled 2 more rounds of lab work and a PET scan in Feb.    She’s researching another drug in the same class as the Nexavar to see if there have been consistently good results with this type of cancer.    If not, then we’ll be switching to standard chemo/infusions.   I so hate to think of having to do that.   That requires so much additional time off work…yuk.

I’m having some leg/foot cramping at night which is driving me nuts.  I’m drinking water,  eating bananas, taking  Potassium and calcium like a good patient.   It’s been suggested that the injection (X-Gevia) could be causing the cramping issues…who knows.  I just know it’s a pain!  (PUN intended)

Ernie is still doing well, Praises to the Lord!   He’s leading Sunday School and preaching occassionally.

ApacheKat had to visit vet for another steroid injection.  She had several new spots pop up around the Christmas Holidays.  She seems to be doing quite well in spite of having the injections.   Mitzi has completely recovered from the “ticks in her ear” incident.  She’s quite fiesty and Ernie is her favorite human.    The rest of the herd looks well and have the appetites of horses.   We’re still unable to pet Frosty…she’s sooo skittish.    Bad thing is they are old enough now to be adventuring  across the road and around the neighborhood.  

All in all,  this has the beginnings of a good New Year.

Susan ~ Patchkat


7 responses to “Updates for the New Year ~~~

  1. Quinine or Qualaguin helps my husband with leg cramps at night. Don’t know what this does to the mix of other meds you take.
    Check it out.
    God Bless

  2. Prayers continue for the right mix of doctoring to get those numbers under control and blessings for a much better 2013!