Since I cut all my fabrics for the NYE 2011 Mystery Quilt on Friday,  it should go against the last Stashbuster report for 2011.   I used 219 yds of the 300 yd goal.   

It would’ve been better if I had met all the goals, but  I did pretty well for all the down time experienced in 2011.   Maybe 2012 will be better for sewing!    It’s been great finishing the charity quilts and at least I was able to complete 4 old UFOs and half of the new charity quilts.

  JudyL is already taking the first report for 2012…I’ll have to start over, LOL.   Thank you JudyL for the Stashbuster incentive.   I did get a little more fabric out of the stash.  My goal is to use enough fabric that I can get rid of 1 shelving unit worth of buckets and reclaim part of my sewing room!   Still have a ways to go.

  • Yardage purchased this week –0 yds
  •  Yardage used this week   10 yds
  •  Year to date purchased – 0 yds
  •  Year to date used (goal 300 yds) – 10  yds
  •  UFOs (goal 10) –  
  • Charity quilt tops made – ytd (goal 20) –  0
  •  Charity quilts completed – ytd (goal 20) – 0


Susan ~ Patchkat


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