A day of sewing…Ann’s NYE Mystery Quilt :-)

WWanda arrived a little before 10AM with soup, bread, banana bread, turnips and greens!!!  I love seeing her come sneaking in with bags…they’re always full of wonderful treats.

We printed off our first clues and got down to sewing.  Since neither of us marked our blocks as directed, we had to do lots of marking which cut into our sewing time. 

Love those little FeatherWeight machines!  Perfect for lugging around to retreats, classes and a friend’s houe for a day of sewing.

We stopped for lunch, marked, sewed, trimmed, and marked more.   Lots of time putting what look like star points onto strips.

Then there were slices of Cream Cheese Pound Cake and Pear Cake for snacking…how can we quilt without snacks?   A cup of coffee to wash it all down and ready to sew again.

  WWanda pulled up stakes and headed home about 5PM.   I think we each have about 80% of the sewing completed.   I’m on clue 7 on 1 quilt and clue 6 on the second one…not content to make just one,  I chose fabrics for the second one and cut everything last night. 

The little blue corner blocks go with the red/cream fabric while the green corner blocks go with the blue/grey fabrics.   I already like the look of the fabrics together.  That’s always a toss up with a mystery quilt…because you have no clue what it will look like till it’s done.  FUN!

I’ve laid my blocks out and thought I had a clue what we were making, then Ann posted another clue and I see I was WRONG!!!!   Not stars at all.  Really pretty though.   Need to get in there and see if I can get my blocks finished.  I’ll post a picture of my completed blocks soon :-)  

Thank you so much Ann for getting me into the sewing room to work on such a lovely NYE Mystery Quilt.

Susan ~ Patchkat


6 responses to “A day of sewing…Ann’s NYE Mystery Quilt :-)

  1. Well kiddo I got as far as cutting all the background strips and then had to do something else. I have a yellow, an orange, some browns and greens. Hate to say they’re something like Ann’s but I’m totally into stasbusting on this one. Hugsssssssss Retta aka Nascarquilter

  2. I was thinking stars also and all my fabrics including my border has come from my stash. I think I even have a suitable backing for this one. Sure would have loved being in the same room with you an WWanda….

    • We’d love to have you here BAD Anita…anytime!!!! I miss sewing with you sewwwww much girlfriend. Hugs.