One of my favs…

  Dear Mother-in-Law, Hazel…she’s had several bouts of  the big “C” in the last 2 years.   I’ve asked for your prayers often for Hazel. 

Despite being mid 80s with some difficulties getting around, Hazel lives on her own, takes morning walks with  a group of ladies.  She’s in good spirits and looks absolutely great. 

Best of all…she’s currently cancer free.  Your prayers are greatly appreciated.   This woman is living proof that they’re working! 

 The kitties love to see Hazel come visit because they know they’ll have a warm lap to cuddle in and hands to pet them!  Muckley is just one of many kitties who have spent time in Hazel’s lap.

 Susan ~ Patchkat


3 responses to “One of my favs…

  1. Beautiful lady and she doesn’t look like she is in her mid 80″s. Give Hazel a hug from me too and wishing her A Happy and Healthy New Year.
    Carol M in Delaware