Christmas fun~!!!

   We started out with a quick visit to Bob and Betty.  Our visits are always too short to get all caught up on the news, but it’s better short than none!

    We managed some last minute Christmas shopping before we delivered gifts to Stacie and Lane’s house.  Another quick visit.

The stockings (all 8 of them) were hung with care ~

They were full on Christmas morning…

The early gift opening – at least for us.

Laura and Emylee – – – 


Leslie and Lance – – –

   Emylee and Sadie Dog – – –

Our gift distributor/photographer was behind the camera and missed the photos…I’m hoping Leslie captured a shot or two of Ernie.

Hazel (DMIL) – – –

  and me – – –

Gift opening done, it was dressing and off to Christmas morning services.    Lance and Leslie brought a lovely floral centerpiece which graced our dinner table…

  We ate till we were ready to burst.  Ernie will tell you he washed tons of dishes all weekend long!  He did have some help, but with a houseful of people, there are ALWAYS dishes to be either washed or put away :-)   Have always been, but he’s just become more involved in the kitchen duties in the last few years…welcome to MY world , LOL.

We have received a basketful of lovely Christmas cards…including two striking handcrafted cards.   The one on the left was made by Daughter Christy while the one on the right was made by dear friend Anita.  

 It’s been a wonderful Christmas season.  We’ve been blessed by friends and family visits, cards, calls, well wishes and gifts…and by our Lord and Savior whose birthday we’re celebrating.

Thank you to all!

Susan ~ Patchkat


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