The clock is ticking down!

But it’s okay.  The shopping is DONE, DONE, DONE.   Gift baskets all delivered locally.   Whats left now is the wrapping of gifts, mailing out a few more cards, and a bit of baking, cooking for dinner.  YEAH.   I don’t feel any stress to rush on anything :-)  I can sit back and enjoy the next few days.

We’ll be heading north to Snyder to deliver a few more gifts on Friday.  A  bit of last minute preparation and we’re ready for the kids to start arriving.   Our Son, DIL, 1 Daughter and Grand will be here!   I’d love to have another Christmas with all 4 kids and their families…maybe next year!   It’s hard to get everyone off work and together at one time.   Guess that’s the price we pay for having great kids who work and pull their own weight.  We’ve been so blessed with our children and their families.

oh…several folks have enquired about ApacheKat.  We’re watching one spot on her chest.  She’s frisky, playful to the point of being obnoxious and generally seems to be feeling great.   We’re thankful to have her back to normal.  Bear’s shoulder has healed nicely, the hair is slowly growing in…Mitzi seems to be over her ear problem…just a little snuffling and snorting hanging on.   With the number of kitties inside and out,  it’s impossible to get through a winter without all of them getting the kitty colds.   Did you know kitties also have allergies and sinus issues?  If you’re sneezing and snuffling, chances are your feline buddies will be too. 

Haven’t had time to be stitching, but Ann’s NYE mystery quilt requirements are waiting for me to pull the fabrics and get to cutting.  I’ll have to doubletime it to be ready for the NYE stitching marathon.   I love her mystery quilts…they’re always wonderful quilts!

Susan ~ Patchkat


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