Another week down

Where has the time gone?  Seems like just last week that we were looking at 2011 thinking we had 11+ months to get ready for Christmas.    We’ve done a little shopping, mailed a few boxes…I’m still baking and wrapping gifts…and it’s almost Christmas!!!!    I keep telling myself I’ll have it all together the next time…well, the next time is here and I’m not together and certainly not ready, LOL.  

We’ve had the office/board Christmas party and we’ll have our staff office party Friday night.   Sunday after church, we packed 20 boxes of food and toys that were delivered locally.  Burkett  has 2 churches and it’s always an occassion when we join forces.   One of our members told us that denominations are just labels…and they’ll either fly off on the way up or burn off on the way down, so they really aren’t important!   

It’s been cold enough to have the fireplace going.   Evenings have seen us snuggled into quilts with a roaring fire and the Hallmark Channel playing non-stop.   I think we’ve seen all the Christmas movies at least 3 times.  I love this time of year.   The kitties love this time of year too….they think snuggly quilts and sleeping people are the bomb.

Today was Dr day….had a visit with the Ortho.  I’m off light duty and can go back to work with no restrictions!  YEAH.  of course,  I had to swear that the heaviest thing I lift is file folders.    I just didn’t say how many I lift at a time sometimes….but the nice Boss Lady will be happy to have me officially back on full duty.   

The afternoon was spent at the dentist office. He was running late but I got a bit of crocheting done while waiting.   Needed a filling.  Yuck.   But it’s done now and I don’t have to go back for awhile. 

In between Dr visits, we managed a trip to Big Lots and lunch at Chili’s!   YUM.    Afterwards, it was a quick trip to Wal-Mart and back home.  

I’ve baked another batch of cookies, we’ve had dinner and now it’s time to chill.  I might even work on a quilt  :-)  Still have a stack to finish binding.   Stashbusting hasn’t happened lately, but I have been crocheting…that’s busting yarn stash, right?  Sounds good anyway.

Susan ~ Patchkat


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  1. Yeah!!! to the no restrictions. Boo to the denist. :-) cookies — I haven’t made any yet so I may need to get busy this afternoon.