Candy making photos

I promised you some photos…

 A little fog to make driving interesting…

 We did persevere and arrived safely at Wanda’s.   The fog dissipated pretty quickly.

 Once there, we settled into candy making.  This was day 2.  I missed the first day as I was working. 

 First job of the day was to roll the candies…we brought center stuff and spent hours rolling it all into balls to be dipped in chocolates.

Ann was moving much faster than I with the rolling…she was just a blur, lol.   It was fun and is probably my favorite part of candy making.

 Here are a few of the trays awaiting dipping.  I think these are cranberry-walnut, cherry mash, lady fingers and mocha cappacino centers. 

We rolled mint, apple pie and one other that escapes me right now.    I can’t even begin to name off what the ladies rolled on Friday…but it was lots!

Next came the dipping.  Oleta and Michelle are pros at this job.  They spent hours playing in sticky melted chocolates!

Once dipped, the trays moved to a bedroom where everything dried and was portioned out into the containers. 

Vonda had the tedious job of entering everything into the computer for future reference,  dividing the candies into containers for each of the participants and finally, collecting monies for each person’s share of the goodies.

I carried home a half batch and that was still 5 large storage containers of chocolates!  

The day was so much fun.  Maybe next year,  I’ll be able to participate both days!

Thanks Wanda for opening your home and hosting this messy fun….I saw all those bowls, dishtowels and the microwave, lol…

Susan ~ Patchkat


3 responses to “Candy making photos

  1. gosh that looks like so much fun and of course the eating of the candies are the best part. I miss my mothers divinity and pralines. I need to find her recipes for those and give them a try.