WooHoo, Candy making weekend came and what an event!

Saturday dawned foggy and rainy.  YEAH!  We still need so much rain to bring our water reservoirs up to good levels.   Ernie and I made the trip to WWanda’s in Winters.    Arrived about 9:30AM, got my cup of hot tea freshened up and it was time to get to work.

I did take a few pictures.  Will need to get on the other computer to upload photos to share.  There were 10 or 12…maybe more workers in and out of WWanda’s house while I was there.   Spent most of Saturday rolling candy centers while others dipped chocolates, divided the finished candy into everyone’s boxes.   We had lunch and visited for awhile, then the afternoon was spent making turtles, peanut clusters, marshmallow cups and other scrumptuious goodies.   We  headed home about 9:00PM.   Kitties were quite upset that we didn’t feed them until 10:00PM.  Don’t feel too sorry for them.  They have dry crunchies available all the time.

If you’ve never had the experience of making candies, you have no clue about how much chocolate, caramel, coconut and nuts you need to have on hand, lol….and how much chocolate you end up wearing.  By the time the weekend is over, no one even wants to smell chocolate, much less eat it!   I did not eat a single piece of chocolate while we were working.  I’ve only had a couple of pieces since I brought it all home.    When the urge hits,  I’ll be a little piggy.

Sunday was cold and drizzly.   After church and dinner, we made a trip to Abilene for some Christmas shopping.   Didn’t get home until about 9:00PM.   (kitties were unhappy yet again, lol)     It  drizzled, spit, rained and snowed during the night.   About 1.5″ of rain. about an kinch of snow.  The roads were mostly clear by the time I went to work on Monday. 

Photos to be posted later!

Susan ~ Patchkat


3 responses to “WooHoo, Candy making weekend came and what an event!

  1. ’em pore little kitties. What an awful kitty mama you turned out to be! I’ll bet they are trying to figure out how to call the SPCA *right now* to report you for cruelty and abandonment. Ours gets mad when we go to the store for an hour. He’d have the welfare in on us if he could! LOL

    I’ll help you eat that candy…
    Aunt Deb

  2. Carol, who is your husband, we have been in Winters for over 30 years, have two children who are Winters’ Blizzards.
    We had a ball making candy! It was 2 long days of hard work, but very enjoyable. I have about 65 lbs of hand dipped chocolate ready to divide into giftties. Now if I only knew someone that wanted chocolate. :)