A quick medical update…

Let’s start with ApacheKat…she developed several new spots which required a trip to the vet and another steroid injection.  Both spots appear to be drying up quite nicely.   She’s acting her old normal self…eating good and being a little fiesty at times.   I’m still praying for her complete recovery!

Can’t remember if I told you about the wig incident…synthetic hair does not mix with ovens!   After taking the Thanksgiving turkey out of the oven and messing with dressing and sweet potatoes,  I caught sight of my favorite wig…which now has frizzed hair all around the face.  :-(        Lesson learned.  NO WIGS when using the stove/oven.    I did order 2 new wigs which should be here next week.    I’m going to cut the ruined one a little shorter, use the curling iron on low and try to restyle it for wear under a beret.

Ernie made a quick trip to Dallas for a seminar and a visit with his surgeon.  He’s suffering from a little inflammation/infection, but now he has meds and seems to be doing great!   Next visit isn’t until next NOVEMBER unless Ernie has problems.   I’m so thankful for his continued recovery.   He’s able to do most everything he was doing prior to the cancer surgery and he’s getting most of his strength back.   While the kids were here,  he was moving firewood, splitting and stacking.  They dug out part of the leachline and redid it and he’s hung Christmas lights around the deck.   It’s so good to see him active again.  Ernie requires fresh air and sunshine on a regular basis, lol.

I saw the Oncologist on Wednesday.   My cancer marker numbers are down again.  Not quite as low as before, but within 50 points of the lowest reading.  The Oncologist told me we didn’t need to be concerned unless we had multiple raised readings.   Apparently there are quite a few things that could influence the readings.   Things like proper taking of the medication…I’m supposed to take them on a completely empty stomach and then wait at least an hour before eating.   Food in the stomach can affect the absorbtion of medications by digesting too quickly so I don’t get the full benefit of the meds.   I’ve waited the appropriate time, but now,  I’ll give it a little longer before I take the meds and wait a little longer before eating. 

Anyhow,  for now, we’re going to continue marching with the same meds.  That’s a good thing for me.

Our Christmas tree is up and decorated!  It’s all in reds, golds, silvers….Santas, Stars and Angels.  Haven’t put the tree skirt or any gifts down yet.  Kitties have wayyyy too much fun playing with ribbons!    Need to set up the Nativity and finish the mantle.   I love Christmas and everything it represents.   Jesus is the reason for the season! 

Well, that’s the update from downtown Burkett.   We’re busy with yard stuff and getting ready for the Holidays.  I’ll be making candy with WWanda and her friends tomorrow.    Everyone brings the stuff for the centers of dipped candy.   I’ve made  a quadruple batch of mocha cappicino and a triple batch of cranberry/walnut centers.  Ernie is going Christmas shopping or something…then when we get back home,  I have several gifts to finish up and some stuff to package for mailing.   

Y’all have a great weekend!  

Susan ~ Patchkat



4 responses to “A quick medical update…

  1. Ooohh melted wig! Not good! Glad to hear good news from the docs. But I’m so jealous it’s candy making time! Post pics of you and W Wanda’s tasty treats!

  2. love the story about the wig! I guess we all learn (or at least should) from our experiences. continuing to pray