A day of sewing…Ann’s NYE Mystery Quilt :-)

WWanda arrived a little before 10AM with soup, bread, banana bread, turnips and greens!!!  I love seeing her come sneaking in with bags…they’re always full of wonderful treats.

We printed off our first clues and got down to sewing.  Since neither of us marked our blocks as directed, we had to do lots of marking which cut into our sewing time. 

Love those little FeatherWeight machines!  Perfect for lugging around to retreats, classes and a friend’s houe for a day of sewing.

We stopped for lunch, marked, sewed, trimmed, and marked more.   Lots of time putting what look like star points onto strips.

Then there were slices of Cream Cheese Pound Cake and Pear Cake for snacking…how can we quilt without snacks?   A cup of coffee to wash it all down and ready to sew again.

  WWanda pulled up stakes and headed home about 5PM.   I think we each have about 80% of the sewing completed.   I’m on clue 7 on 1 quilt and clue 6 on the second one…not content to make just one,  I chose fabrics for the second one and cut everything last night. 

The little blue corner blocks go with the red/cream fabric while the green corner blocks go with the blue/grey fabrics.   I already like the look of the fabrics together.  That’s always a toss up with a mystery quilt…because you have no clue what it will look like till it’s done.  FUN!

I’ve laid my blocks out and thought I had a clue what we were making, then Ann posted another clue and I see I was WRONG!!!!   Not stars at all.  Really pretty though.   Need to get in there and see if I can get my blocks finished.  I’ll post a picture of my completed blocks soon :-)  

Thank you so much Ann for getting me into the sewing room to work on such a lovely NYE Mystery Quilt.

Susan ~ Patchkat


One of my favs…

  Dear Mother-in-Law, Hazel…she’s had several bouts of  the big “C” in the last 2 years.   I’ve asked for your prayers often for Hazel. 

Despite being mid 80s with some difficulties getting around, Hazel lives on her own, takes morning walks with  a group of ladies.  She’s in good spirits and looks absolutely great. 

Best of all…she’s currently cancer free.  Your prayers are greatly appreciated.   This woman is living proof that they’re working! 

 The kitties love to see Hazel come visit because they know they’ll have a warm lap to cuddle in and hands to pet them!  Muckley is just one of many kitties who have spent time in Hazel’s lap.

 Susan ~ Patchkat

Christmas fun~!!!

   We started out with a quick visit to Bob and Betty.  Our visits are always too short to get all caught up on the news, but it’s better short than none!

    We managed some last minute Christmas shopping before we delivered gifts to Stacie and Lane’s house.  Another quick visit.

The stockings (all 8 of them) were hung with care ~

They were full on Christmas morning…

The early gift opening – at least for us.

Laura and Emylee – – – 


Leslie and Lance – – –

   Emylee and Sadie Dog – – –

Our gift distributor/photographer was behind the camera and missed the photos…I’m hoping Leslie captured a shot or two of Ernie.

Hazel (DMIL) – – –

  and me – – –

Gift opening done, it was dressing and off to Christmas morning services.    Lance and Leslie brought a lovely floral centerpiece which graced our dinner table…

  We ate till we were ready to burst.  Ernie will tell you he washed tons of dishes all weekend long!  He did have some help, but with a houseful of people, there are ALWAYS dishes to be either washed or put away :-)   Have always been, but he’s just become more involved in the kitchen duties in the last few years…welcome to MY world , LOL.

We have received a basketful of lovely Christmas cards…including two striking handcrafted cards.   The one on the left was made by Daughter Christy while the one on the right was made by dear friend Anita.  

 It’s been a wonderful Christmas season.  We’ve been blessed by friends and family visits, cards, calls, well wishes and gifts…and by our Lord and Savior whose birthday we’re celebrating.

Thank you to all!

Susan ~ Patchkat

The clock is ticking down!

But it’s okay.  The shopping is DONE, DONE, DONE.   Gift baskets all delivered locally.   Whats left now is the wrapping of gifts, mailing out a few more cards, and a bit of baking, cooking for dinner.  YEAH.   I don’t feel any stress to rush on anything :-)  I can sit back and enjoy the next few days.

We’ll be heading north to Snyder to deliver a few more gifts on Friday.  A  bit of last minute preparation and we’re ready for the kids to start arriving.   Our Son, DIL, 1 Daughter and Grand will be here!   I’d love to have another Christmas with all 4 kids and their families…maybe next year!   It’s hard to get everyone off work and together at one time.   Guess that’s the price we pay for having great kids who work and pull their own weight.  We’ve been so blessed with our children and their families.

oh…several folks have enquired about ApacheKat.  We’re watching one spot on her chest.  She’s frisky, playful to the point of being obnoxious and generally seems to be feeling great.   We’re thankful to have her back to normal.  Bear’s shoulder has healed nicely, the hair is slowly growing in…Mitzi seems to be over her ear problem…just a little snuffling and snorting hanging on.   With the number of kitties inside and out,  it’s impossible to get through a winter without all of them getting the kitty colds.   Did you know kitties also have allergies and sinus issues?  If you’re sneezing and snuffling, chances are your feline buddies will be too. 

Haven’t had time to be stitching, but Ann’s NYE mystery quilt requirements are waiting for me to pull the fabrics and get to cutting.  I’ll have to doubletime it to be ready for the NYE stitching marathon.   I love her mystery quilts…they’re always wonderful quilts!

Susan ~ Patchkat

Another week down

Where has the time gone?  Seems like just last week that we were looking at 2011 thinking we had 11+ months to get ready for Christmas.    We’ve done a little shopping, mailed a few boxes…I’m still baking and wrapping gifts…and it’s almost Christmas!!!!    I keep telling myself I’ll have it all together the next time…well, the next time is here and I’m not together and certainly not ready, LOL.  

We’ve had the office/board Christmas party and we’ll have our staff office party Friday night.   Sunday after church, we packed 20 boxes of food and toys that were delivered locally.  Burkett  has 2 churches and it’s always an occassion when we join forces.   One of our members told us that denominations are just labels…and they’ll either fly off on the way up or burn off on the way down, so they really aren’t important!   

It’s been cold enough to have the fireplace going.   Evenings have seen us snuggled into quilts with a roaring fire and the Hallmark Channel playing non-stop.   I think we’ve seen all the Christmas movies at least 3 times.  I love this time of year.   The kitties love this time of year too….they think snuggly quilts and sleeping people are the bomb.

Today was Dr day….had a visit with the Ortho.  I’m off light duty and can go back to work with no restrictions!  YEAH.  of course,  I had to swear that the heaviest thing I lift is file folders.    I just didn’t say how many I lift at a time sometimes….but the nice Boss Lady will be happy to have me officially back on full duty.   

The afternoon was spent at the dentist office. He was running late but I got a bit of crocheting done while waiting.   Needed a filling.  Yuck.   But it’s done now and I don’t have to go back for awhile. 

In between Dr visits, we managed a trip to Big Lots and lunch at Chili’s!   YUM.    Afterwards, it was a quick trip to Wal-Mart and back home.  

I’ve baked another batch of cookies, we’ve had dinner and now it’s time to chill.  I might even work on a quilt  :-)  Still have a stack to finish binding.   Stashbusting hasn’t happened lately, but I have been crocheting…that’s busting yarn stash, right?  Sounds good anyway.

Susan ~ Patchkat

Candy making photos

I promised you some photos…

 A little fog to make driving interesting…

 We did persevere and arrived safely at Wanda’s.   The fog dissipated pretty quickly.

 Once there, we settled into candy making.  This was day 2.  I missed the first day as I was working. 

 First job of the day was to roll the candies…we brought center stuff and spent hours rolling it all into balls to be dipped in chocolates.

Ann was moving much faster than I with the rolling…she was just a blur, lol.   It was fun and is probably my favorite part of candy making.

 Here are a few of the trays awaiting dipping.  I think these are cranberry-walnut, cherry mash, lady fingers and mocha cappacino centers. 

We rolled mint, apple pie and one other that escapes me right now.    I can’t even begin to name off what the ladies rolled on Friday…but it was lots!

Next came the dipping.  Oleta and Michelle are pros at this job.  They spent hours playing in sticky melted chocolates!

Once dipped, the trays moved to a bedroom where everything dried and was portioned out into the containers. 

Vonda had the tedious job of entering everything into the computer for future reference,  dividing the candies into containers for each of the participants and finally, collecting monies for each person’s share of the goodies.

I carried home a half batch and that was still 5 large storage containers of chocolates!  

The day was so much fun.  Maybe next year,  I’ll be able to participate both days!

Thanks Wanda for opening your home and hosting this messy fun….I saw all those bowls, dishtowels and the microwave, lol…

Susan ~ Patchkat