and the winds came…


This is the continuation of the windy, no measureable rain season.  We’ve had high winds off and on for the last month..,.HIGH 65mph + a few times.   When we purchased this house, there were 2 pear trees, a fig and an apple tree.   This is the last pear tree…look at the lack of roots.  The apple tree quit as soon as we bought the house and the fig is still going, though it’s not made enough figs in 7 years to fill a lunch bag.   Kinda sad to see this one go.  It had new blooms and leaves about a week before it fell.   We’ll be replanting some fruit trees…probably apricot and maybe another apple tree.  They’ll be a little further from the house than these were.  The fig tree will probably be toast.  Without fruit, it’s just a water hog.

Our next concern is the pecan trees…with the drought and the winds, we’ll start losing limbs.   The pecan trees provide shade for the house but they’re all within 15 feet of the house.  scary!

Susan ~ Patchkat



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