Thanksgiving week ~ great time!

Nice boss lady let us off at noon on Wednesday.  I did a little shopping, then came home and did a little cooking. 

Here’s my first ever apple pie!  It turned out well and the comments were favorable.  I was told I needed to make at least 2 next time.  Even Ernie tried it…and he HATES apple pie!   He allowed how it was just downright tasty heated with vanilla ice cream.  YEAH!!!

Turkey, all 27lbs of him, went into the oven about 1:30AM.  The house smelled heavenly and the turkey was ready to come out of the oven about 7:30AM.   I had everything cut up and ready to assemble for the dressing.   Ham was ready to heat.

Stacie and family showed up about 10:30AM…complete with homemade pumpkin pies, fruit salad, peach cobbler, 3 kinds of breads and the sweet potatoes.  YUM!   Laura and Emylee arrived about an hour later…cornbread and a huge bowl of mashed potatoes!!! More YUM!

We put together the green salad, popped dressing in the oven, did all the last minute little fixings…dinner was on the table ahead of schedule!  Double YEAH! and it was enjoyed by all.   If anyone pushed away from the table hungry, it was their own fault!

Friday found Ernie and the adults outside digging and raking more leaves, repairing gutters and who knows what else.  Stacie and Laura too Allison for a photo shoot, but it was too windy for much.   3 cameras available and do you think we could get family pictures???  Nope.  Not a one.  I’ll do better come Christmas time.  But for now, here’s one of our youngest HS cheerleader.  Allison’s a “flyer” for Martin High School.

Laura, Emylee and an ice chest of leftovers) had to leave early on Friday as Emylee is a HS Drum Captain and had to be home by 8AM Saturday for competition.   Shame she didn’t bring her uniform…would love to have a few pictures!

Saturday was a lazy day.  Packaged up left overs for Stacie and crew.   They had to leave Saturday afternoon as Allison had a game late Saturday night…everyone is getting ready to go to State.  Filled an ice bag for them and a few bags for our freezer.  Good to have 90% of the leftovers out of here!   Miss all the family though.

We are so blessed to have children who can come home for the Holidays!  We enjoyed the families of 2 daughters (4 grandchildren) who spent Thanksgiving with us…and we really missed the oldest daughter’s family (3 grands) and our son’s family (2 young grands, 2 college step grands).    We hope to see them before too long!

Susan ~ Patchkat


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