Getting ready for Christmas in Burkett

 The kids hauled out the ornaments and light boxes,  Emylee carried the tree in…and now,  I get to decorate.   Last year, it took me 3 days to get this same tree decorated…it’s 7′ tall, but as you can see, a pencil tree.  Not a lot of room for a ton of ornaments.  The nice thing,  I get to pick and choose which oraments I want to use…and it doesn’t have to be the same every year (though it usually is!)  Please ignore Ernie’s boots and socks…how do his socks always end up in my photos???

The tree is pre-lit.  YEAH!   I added the red mesh ribbon last night and started going through the boxes of ornaments and decorations.   Found the stars, snowflakes and a few of the angels. 

This was as far as I got before we went to dinner last night.

We celebrated our 31st wedding anniversary yesterday!   Dinner at the Rockin ‘R’ was a special treat and even though we had to wait, it was well worth the trip and the wait.

Susan ~ Patchkat


2 responses to “Getting ready for Christmas in Burkett

  1. Happy Anniversary! and wishes for many more. Love the way you share with us. I’m hesitant about starting decorating.

  2. Happy Anniversary from me too, good to see you had family for the holidays. Talk to you soon.