More kitty stuff ~ >^,,^< ~

  Ernie snapped this shot of the Orange Momma Kitty…she’s almost 5 years old and Mom to White Foot and Peppy.

With her in the chair is the little Ditto kitten from Tippy’s litter.  The Orange Mom has taken this litter of kittens in stride.  She eats and sleeps with them.  Love it when they get along together.

Mitzi has moved outside.  She’s living in the old barn across the street and hopefully, coming to eat at night.  She looks fine, will come to Ernie but doesn’t seem ready to come back up to the house.   The other kitties were cowering her in the house which created litter box problems.   Hate that.  Don’t know what else to do with her.  Keeping her locked up or kennelled in the crate 24/7 isn’t a good option.

Ebby was put out as she was becoming quite aggressive, but she’s still allowed in at night.  We’re down to 2 absolute indoor kitties.  Everyone else is on a go out for the night schedule.  That’s a much  better arrangement.  

Are we softies?  You bet.  If they come to the door before we go to bed, they come in.   They have food and the greenhouse for shelter, beds and warmth.  The heater is running, lol.

This animal shelter business is hard.  It’s so easy to become totally attached to a kitty…you want to shelter, love and protect them all…and it just isn’t possible.  I wish we could fence our acreage and cover it over to keep predators out…make it safer.  We already feed them…and of course, we’re getting them medical attention as we can. 

We don’t try to adopt them out as most like Apache and Floppsy were “dump” kitties and have already been through so much.  Just cannot send them out to suffer through another potential neglectful situation.  We’ve housed several kittens over the last few years and they’re still in great situations.

Guess it’s a blessing folks cannot dump their children the way they do their animals.  If you ever wondered what happens to those “disposable pets”, just move to the country.  If left on their own, those animals starve to death, become prey for coyotes, wild dogs, raccoons and owls…or they get run over, become diseased, or succomb to the elements and die.  What a horrible life for a once loved family pet.  So sad.

Okay,  I’m crawling off my soapbox for the night.

Susan ~ Patchkat



2 responses to “More kitty stuff ~ >^,,^< ~

  1. I’m with you, Susan. I don’t know how someone who loved their cat so much could just “throw them away”! My husband rarely goes with me to the shelter, because he wants to take all the kitties home. We only allow ourselves to have two at a time, because they have to be indoor kitties, and often don’t interact well. I love that you take care of all those kitties, and get them the medical attention they need.

  2. I used to live in the country too and we got a lot of dumped dogs. There were feral cats around but they never came too close to the house because of the dogs. When we moved we made a huge donation to a shelter for these types of animals. I hate seeing any animal suffering because someone didn’t want them anymore.