Been a busy week

Mon-Wed were pretty hectic what with collecting rents and dealing with tenant issues.  Things settled down a little on Thursday…then we had an open house at the Pastor’s house Thursday night.  That was really nice…lots of yummy finger foods.

The nice Boss Lady gave us Friday off!  We started the day with a trip to the vet to see ApacheKat and to take her some special treats.  She’s looking better!  They’ve started her on a course of steroids with the antibiotics.   We’re praying the sores will totally dry up and the infection will be gone…and that we can bring her home next week.

 Of course, we had to go to Abilene for kitty supplies.  We had lunch at the Chinese place, I spent hours in Hobby Lobby while Ernie went to Sam’s.   A dreaded trip to Walmart and back home.  

I got a shot of the latest quilt I bound.  I know it doesn’t look like much,’s the scrappy crumbs.  The large four patches are green and black scraps.  The 2 side borders are a grayish purple that goes well with the scraps. 

It’s soft and snuggly.  Will be a good quilt for someone!  Now to get cracking on the next one! 






Susan ~ Patchkat


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