For those who donated monies to the Burkett Volunteer Fire Department for the ring raffle…THANK YOU!!!  We appreciate your support!   The drawing for the women’s ring was held November 5th at the Hunter’s Fest in Cross Plains, TX.  The winner was a P. McKenzie from Coleman, TX.   I’m sorry we couldn’t all be winners…I thought the ring was gorgeous.   Trying to buy it outright didn’t work, nor did trying to bribe the person drawing!

I’m home from Houstom and the International Quilt Fest.  I blew my Stashbusting status, but I needed all that I bought!  WWanda and I had a blast!  Can we say sensory overload.  A bunch of beautiful quilts on exhibit.  I enjoyed the Texas Lonestar exhibit, Alzheimers exhibit, and the 4H challenge exhibit.  The 4H members did a great job.  Each quilt was totally different and represented what the 4H program means to each student.  

I was disappointed in the lack of Christmas yardage available for sale…lots of FQs and pre-cut stuff….and even though I love beads and making jewelry, there was wayyy too much beading, embellishment, and wearable clothing.   Remember, that’s just my personal opinion.  I bet there were others who felt there should’ve been more!  

The best part of the quilt show is always meeting up with friends from around the country.   We had lunch and dinners with Mary, Pat, Donna, Linda, and Sherry.  We enjoyed a “bag” exchange on Thursday night.  That was fun…each of us had to fill a small gift bag with no longer wanted quilting fabric and supplies….there could be nothing bought for the exchange.  Think Chinese Christmas type exchange, lol…I am thrilled with the bag I ended up with.  There was an Apple Core pattern and the ruler to cut the pieces…more patterns, patriotic fabrics, 3 packs of 5″ charm squares and a bunch more cool stuff.  

On Saturday,  we met up with Sheryl (LAQuilter)and her husband Don, our friends Vivien and Monica (Vancouver).  We enjoyed a lunchtime visit, then headed off to shop, shop, shop.   During the shopping, we ran into other friends from various guilds and other retreats.  I met one of my Dad’s friends from Burleson, chatted with a cancer survivor in another booth.   

On the health front,  I had a Dr appt on Wednesday.  My cancer marker numbers were UP and the PET scan shows the cancer in my hip and shoulder are active again.   Everything else is pretty much the same.  I will probably be changing Chemo treatments soon…my body may have become resistent to the Nexavar.   I’ve been assured that this happens often.  On a postive note,  I had a dental appt today and the dentist/oral surgeon is quite happy with my gums now! 

ApacheKat is still at the vet…she had a relapse over the weekend.  As the tech said, she’s oozing from every spot and has new spots.  We’re almost out of treatment options.  The vet is going back to the injections for a few days and will add a steroid.  Then,  I’m going to bring her home with oral antibiotics and pray.  She acts so normal and seems to feel fine…her appetite is good and she’s quite active.  Little Bear gets his stitches out tomorrow afternoon so he can go back outside :-) He’s about to tear the house up wanting OUT!

Think I covered everything. lol… I do have a few photos to post, but they’ll have to wait for another post.

Susan ~ Patchkat



4 responses to “Updates

  1. So sorry to hear your cancer news. I know 7 people besides you fighting cancer right now. My husband had a third of his right lung removed Aug.11 and is about a week away from finishing radiation on the prostate. They got all the lung cancer and the nodes were clean. It is quite an epedemic. We have a lovely cancer center and I can’t believe the number of people we see coming and going every day. Keep looking up.

  2. We’ll just have to redouble those prayers! Sounds like you had a great time in Houston. Thank goodness you FINALLY bought some fabric! LOL

    • Think that gets YOU off the hook for your purchases???? Nah… But we did have a blast and it was fun shopping!