What a great visit!

Our friend Vivien stopped in yesterday evening on her way to Houston for the International Quilt Fest.  We enjoyed the short visit immensely and will have to convince her to come back and stay longer!   We visited, ate, visited, checked out the sewing room, visited…you get the picture?

Vivien was raised in Canada, has a lovely British/Canadian  accent that Ernie has teased her about for years.   She and her hubby, Earl, were in Saudi Arabia and El Paso with us until everyone retired and moved on.  Earl and Vivien have branched off into raising beautiful, spoiled rotten birdies…and of course, you know we have kitties.    

While living in  Saudi, Vivien introduced me to the on-line quilting world through the Y2K swaps!   She expressed an interest in quilting…before long, she mastered the basics and surpassed me in trying different techniques!    She introduced me to cool shops in the souk (market) and showed me where to go for the items we needed.  

 Now, we’re separated by a state line and 9 hours of steady driving.    We get to meet up at various quilt retreats, the quilt shows and in our travels from one place to another.   I miss my quilting buds from El Paso….Vivien, Anita, Barbara,  Joanne, Lee… We’ve scattered all over the place…Vivien is in NM, Anita lives in AL, Barbara is in IL, Joanne and Lee are still in TX although in the DFW area.   We still keep in touch and let me tell you, the times we shared will always be treasured!    The friendshps are wonderful!

What’s even better…knowing that we’ll visit more in Houston this year!   My nice Boss Lady has allowed me time off….Wanda and I leave on Thursday :-)   We’ll meet up with Vivien, her friend Monica,  Sheryl (LA) with her hubby, dear friend Mary whom I’ve known for 35 years and all her friends from the Austin area!   Hopefully, many more of our online quilty friiends will find us in Houston!   I’m excited!!! I can’t wait!!! I haven’t packed a single thing yet and it’s Tuesday night!!!   I’m excited!!!!  I’m ready to visit!!!  (maybe burn a little plastic too)

Susan ~ Patchkat



7 responses to “What a great visit!

    • wish all my on-line friends could be there. Maybe we’ll share another retreat in the future!

  1. Tues night, and I have things stacked around, but not finished. Nothing in the suitcase. Working tomorrow as I have the last 2 days, but that means I have some extra bucks to spend in Houston. What I forget to pack, I do not need or just go to Wally World.
    I did not get to see Vivian. I’m pouting, :( Will hope to find her among the three or four thousand people in the Brown Center.
    See you soon, Susan.

  2. Nothing like a road trip with special friends…. I will be remembering our trip in 03. Flat tire, Halloween masks, flirting with the waiter(Mary & her group were in on that)… special friends, special memories. Tell all I said hello and miss them greatly

    • Definitely a special trip! Thank Heavens for WWanda’s brother who got us to the tire repair place so we could be on our way without major delays…..how about those troopers who stopped to help and ended up calling in a wrecker with the proper pnuematic tools to get the danged tire off the van! And us…2 stranded women with a van load of fabric, quilty stuff and wine :-)

      Wish you were going this year too!

  3. Sounds like fun! Wish I could be there…am looking forward to the next time I can make it! Miss all of you guys!

  4. I know you all are having a grand time! I’ll be passing near Houston tomorrow on my way to Lake Charles but won’t be stopping . . wish I could! Have fun and take time to rest.