and the winds came…


This is the continuation of the windy, no measureable rain season.  We’ve had high winds off and on for the last month..,.HIGH 65mph + a few times.   When we purchased this house, there were 2 pear trees, a fig and an apple tree.   This is the last pear tree…look at the lack of roots.  The apple tree quit as soon as we bought the house and the fig is still going, though it’s not made enough figs in 7 years to fill a lunch bag.   Kinda sad to see this one go.  It had new blooms and leaves about a week before it fell.   We’ll be replanting some fruit trees…probably apricot and maybe another apple tree.  They’ll be a little further from the house than these were.  The fig tree will probably be toast.  Without fruit, it’s just a water hog.

Our next concern is the pecan trees…with the drought and the winds, we’ll start losing limbs.   The pecan trees provide shade for the house but they’re all within 15 feet of the house.  scary!

Susan ~ Patchkat



Getting ready for Christmas in Burkett

 The kids hauled out the ornaments and light boxes,  Emylee carried the tree in…and now,  I get to decorate.   Last year, it took me 3 days to get this same tree decorated…it’s 7′ tall, but as you can see, a pencil tree.  Not a lot of room for a ton of ornaments.  The nice thing,  I get to pick and choose which oraments I want to use…and it doesn’t have to be the same every year (though it usually is!)  Please ignore Ernie’s boots and socks…how do his socks always end up in my photos???

The tree is pre-lit.  YEAH!   I added the red mesh ribbon last night and started going through the boxes of ornaments and decorations.   Found the stars, snowflakes and a few of the angels. 

This was as far as I got before we went to dinner last night.

We celebrated our 31st wedding anniversary yesterday!   Dinner at the Rockin ‘R’ was a special treat and even though we had to wait, it was well worth the trip and the wait.

Susan ~ Patchkat

Thanksgiving week ~ great time!

Nice boss lady let us off at noon on Wednesday.  I did a little shopping, then came home and did a little cooking. 

Here’s my first ever apple pie!  It turned out well and the comments were favorable.  I was told I needed to make at least 2 next time.  Even Ernie tried it…and he HATES apple pie!   He allowed how it was just downright tasty heated with vanilla ice cream.  YEAH!!!

Turkey, all 27lbs of him, went into the oven about 1:30AM.  The house smelled heavenly and the turkey was ready to come out of the oven about 7:30AM.   I had everything cut up and ready to assemble for the dressing.   Ham was ready to heat.

Stacie and family showed up about 10:30AM…complete with homemade pumpkin pies, fruit salad, peach cobbler, 3 kinds of breads and the sweet potatoes.  YUM!   Laura and Emylee arrived about an hour later…cornbread and a huge bowl of mashed potatoes!!! More YUM!

We put together the green salad, popped dressing in the oven, did all the last minute little fixings…dinner was on the table ahead of schedule!  Double YEAH! and it was enjoyed by all.   If anyone pushed away from the table hungry, it was their own fault!

Friday found Ernie and the adults outside digging and raking more leaves, repairing gutters and who knows what else.  Stacie and Laura too Allison for a photo shoot, but it was too windy for much.   3 cameras available and do you think we could get family pictures???  Nope.  Not a one.  I’ll do better come Christmas time.  But for now, here’s one of our youngest HS cheerleader.  Allison’s a “flyer” for Martin High School.

Laura, Emylee and an ice chest of leftovers) had to leave early on Friday as Emylee is a HS Drum Captain and had to be home by 8AM Saturday for competition.   Shame she didn’t bring her uniform…would love to have a few pictures!

Saturday was a lazy day.  Packaged up left overs for Stacie and crew.   They had to leave Saturday afternoon as Allison had a game late Saturday night…everyone is getting ready to go to State.  Filled an ice bag for them and a few bags for our freezer.  Good to have 90% of the leftovers out of here!   Miss all the family though.

We are so blessed to have children who can come home for the Holidays!  We enjoyed the families of 2 daughters (4 grandchildren) who spent Thanksgiving with us…and we really missed the oldest daughter’s family (3 grands) and our son’s family (2 young grands, 2 college step grands).    We hope to see them before too long!

Susan ~ Patchkat

Stashbusting and stuff

Hummmmm….there’s something definitely wrong here!   My numbers are going the WRONG direction!

Nice Boss Lady sent me to Granbury, TX for a 2 day conference….lots of fun, pretty little town and a nice courthouse.   Around that nice courthouse are specialty shops, gift stores, cafes…and a QUILT SHOP.   We were out early enough on Thursday for me to do a little exploring and some shopping.  Somehow, 5 yards of fabric found their way into a bag…3 yds are a black tone-on-tone.   I’d used most of the black that I had on hand, so I really NEEDED it, lol.   The other 2 yds were on sale and kitty fabric.    Okay,  I DID report it in the following report.  I was bad and I’m running out of time to meet my goals.  I promise to do better for the remainder of the year.

  • Yardage purchased this week –5 yds
  •  Yardage used this week   0 yds
  •  Year to date purchased – 49 yds
  •  Year to date used (goal 300 yds) – 209  yds
  •  UFOs (goal 12) –  4
  •  Charity quilt tops made – ytd (goal 20) –  6   8  10
  •  Charity quilts completed – ytd (goal 20) –  24 

While I was in the quilt shop,  I found a kit that gave me an idea for that special fabric sitting on my cutting table.  I need to play with EQ7 a little more, then I’m going to get it cut out tonight.  I’ll count it for next week.

Susan ~ Patchkat

Stashbusting Report

Another no cutting week.  I’m still way shy of my 2011 goal…need to move into doubletime!   While I haven’t busted anything, I haven’t added anything to the stash.  I did finish the binding on 1 quilt.

  • Yardage purchased this week –0 yds
  •  Yardage used this week   0 yds
  •  Year to date purchased – 44 yds
  •  Year to date used (goal 300 yds) – 209  yds
  •  UFOs (goal 12) –  4
  •  Charity quilt tops made – ytd (goal 20) –  6   8  10
  •  Charity quilts completed – ytd (goal 20) –  24 

I know how writers must feel when they get writer’s block.  That’s how I feel.   I bought the fabric for a special quilt…it’s laying on the cutting table mocking me!   I’ve looked through my books,  played in EQ7, and still don’t have a pattern.  Nothing is calling to me though I do have an idea of what I want.  

In addition,  I still have the new “UGLY” fabric to work with.  I have pulled fabrics for blocks, but no cutting.   AND THEN…I have 3 more pieces of fabric calling to me for another quilt…but that one needs to be really scrappy and needs another handful of fabrics pulled from the stash.   I think they’ll be stars of some type!    Imagine that…me working in stars, lol!  I absolutely love most anything stars!

 Hopefully,  I’ll have some new numbers to report next weekend!

Susan ~ Patchkat

More kitty stuff ~ >^,,^< ~

  Ernie snapped this shot of the Orange Momma Kitty…she’s almost 5 years old and Mom to White Foot and Peppy.

With her in the chair is the little Ditto kitten from Tippy’s litter.  The Orange Mom has taken this litter of kittens in stride.  She eats and sleeps with them.  Love it when they get along together.

Mitzi has moved outside.  She’s living in the old barn across the street and hopefully, coming to eat at night.  She looks fine, will come to Ernie but doesn’t seem ready to come back up to the house.   The other kitties were cowering her in the house which created litter box problems.   Hate that.  Don’t know what else to do with her.  Keeping her locked up or kennelled in the crate 24/7 isn’t a good option.

Ebby was put out as she was becoming quite aggressive, but she’s still allowed in at night.  We’re down to 2 absolute indoor kitties.  Everyone else is on a go out for the night schedule.  That’s a much  better arrangement.  

Are we softies?  You bet.  If they come to the door before we go to bed, they come in.   They have food and the greenhouse for shelter, beds and warmth.  The heater is running, lol.

This animal shelter business is hard.  It’s so easy to become totally attached to a kitty…you want to shelter, love and protect them all…and it just isn’t possible.  I wish we could fence our acreage and cover it over to keep predators out…make it safer.  We already feed them…and of course, we’re getting them medical attention as we can. 

We don’t try to adopt them out as most like Apache and Floppsy were “dump” kitties and have already been through so much.  Just cannot send them out to suffer through another potential neglectful situation.  We’ve housed several kittens over the last few years and they’re still in great situations.

Guess it’s a blessing folks cannot dump their children the way they do their animals.  If you ever wondered what happens to those “disposable pets”, just move to the country.  If left on their own, those animals starve to death, become prey for coyotes, wild dogs, raccoons and owls…or they get run over, become diseased, or succomb to the elements and die.  What a horrible life for a once loved family pet.  So sad.

Okay,  I’m crawling off my soapbox for the night.

Susan ~ Patchkat