Good Grief! Bear Kitty ~

 Little Bear Kitty came in yesterday morning, ate his breakfast and then headed up to the desk to bask under the desk lamp.   When he moved, I noticed blood  :-( 

See the bald spot on Bear’s shoulder…it was a nickle sized gapping hole to the muscle…there were 2 other holes.  Looks like he was in a fight a few days back and the sores abcessed. 

So…it was off to the vet where ApacheKat (Bear’s Mom) is kennelled again :-((  yep,  Her infection is going strong and has become resistant to the antibiotics.  They’ve put her on oral meds and I can’t hold her to treat her…so, more time in the kennel.  If they can’t get a handle on the infection, we’ll have to make a decision neither of us wants to make.  There are no more antibiotics to use on her. Keep our kitty in prayer….please.

Bear Kitty is sporting his first stitches and a major bald spot. ~ he’ll be a house cat for the next two weeks while we poke antibiotics and try to keep him from chewing the stitches out.



10 responses to “Good Grief! Bear Kitty ~

  1. oh, those abcesses are just the worst! But , he is young and healthy – it will heal fast… and my best thoughts for his ma.

  2. Poor kitty’s prayers going out that both of your babys will be well real soon
    Carol in Delaware

  3. Oh Susan. I can’t stand to see kitties suffer! I’m hoping they both get better soon. I’m glad you’ve been having good news lately. Take care of yourself, your family, and your kitty family.

  4. Praying for the best for your kitties. I have a kitty that went through the same thing, but hers was on her neck. It was a perfectly round hole through the fur and outer layers of flesh. It was like I could see her wind pipe. the vet tought a few stitches and closed it and sent her home with medication and the lamp shade thing. I had to keep her away from the dogs because they wanted to lick it and make it all well, but that was a BIG NO NO. She was fine in a couple of weeks and the stitches were removed. So your kitty will probably get along just fine like my Patches did.

  5. Poor kitties! Bear is young and healthy and will probably recover at lightening speed. Apachecat’s infection is worrying. Her resistance is probably low – any chance this could have started as a small snake bite? I do hope she rallies and makes a full recovery. It’s awful to have to make *that* decision when a kitty is really old and sick, but worse when it has the potential of many good years ahead yet.
    Sending hugs,
    Auntie Deb

    • Could’ve been a snake bite, but the vets are thinking cat bite or possible raccoon clawing. Either way, it’s worrisome. She’s just not respondiing to the antibiotics like they feel she should.