Good Grief! Bear Kitty ~

 Little Bear Kitty came in yesterday morning, ate his breakfast and then headed up to the desk to bask under the desk lamp.   When he moved, I noticed blood  :-( 

See the bald spot on Bear’s shoulder…it was a nickle sized gapping hole to the muscle…there were 2 other holes.  Looks like he was in a fight a few days back and the sores abcessed. 

So…it was off to the vet where ApacheKat (Bear’s Mom) is kennelled again :-((  yep,  Her infection is going strong and has become resistant to the antibiotics.  They’ve put her on oral meds and I can’t hold her to treat her…so, more time in the kennel.  If they can’t get a handle on the infection, we’ll have to make a decision neither of us wants to make.  There are no more antibiotics to use on her. Keep our kitty in prayer….please.

Bear Kitty is sporting his first stitches and a major bald spot. ~ he’ll be a house cat for the next two weeks while we poke antibiotics and try to keep him from chewing the stitches out.