Stashbusting – – – Not so much, lol!

Have to say I haven’t busted anything this week.  It was another hectic week at work and we’ve been on the go in the evenings. On a postive note,  I didn’t buy anything to add to the stash either!

  • Yardage purchased this week –0 yds
  •  Yardage used this week   7.25  yds
  •  Year to date purchased – 19.25 yds
  •  Year to date used (goal 300 yds) – 209  yds
  •  UFOs (goal 12) –  4
  •  Charity quilt tops made – ytd (goal 20) –  6   8  10
  •  Charity quilts completed – ytd (goal 20) –  24 

I did manage to cut more borders for that last “WBC” top, but haven’t finished the top.  I’ll add that to next week’s report.  Some weeks just aren’t meant for sewing.

Today saw me cleaning out clothing closets…A large pile for the mission .   But…I found 2 skirts, 4 pair of jeans/slacks and about 6 shirts that I can wear again!!!  Other than a pair of winter boots and another sweater, I won’t need Winter clothes!  This is like having a whole new wardrobe as I haven’t worn some of these clothes in 10-12 years!  Good thing jeans never go out of fashion! (Hmmmm…does that mean more money for fabric???)

Susan ~ Patchkat


7 responses to “Stashbusting – – – Not so much, lol!

  1. Hmm… I would yes to the more money for fabric! I agree that buying the classic styles sure does work when your weight moves around a bit. I have a few items that are “weighting” for me!


    • LOL. I’ve gone from 22-24 to 18-20 and it feels great! I’m hoping to take it down another notch or two…then I WILL have to buy new clothes!

  2. you inspired me to start this for the year so here is my totals YTD (as of last Sat)
    purchased 642.25 yds (found a lot of $1.00 fabric at Hancock’s couldn’t pass it up)
    used 380
    ufo’s completed 5
    charity tops 6
    completed charity projects 26 (20 pillow cases – 6 quilts)
    it’s scary when you see the totals but it makes you aware of what you are doing – we just won’t count the 50 tops that need to be quilted

    • ROFLOL!!!! 642.25 yds!!!!! I wouldn’t even have room to store that kind of yardage…not with my current stash…but I’d love to find a good $1.00/yd sale.

  3. I have a room in the lower level that is my “fabric aging room” for yardages. shelves all the way around and stacked 2 deep. Just about any pattern I find all I have to do is go “shopping” in my room. I do my sewing in a spare bedroom with drawer units that have an additional 17 drawers of fat quarters. We won’t count the yardage I started with.
    My husband knows this is what I do so he doesn’t say anything except “I really shouldn’t be in here should I?” I just really need to start quilting the tops I have made and not start any more tops.