Not for the faint of heart…

To protect other people’s sensitivity, (I suprised an unsuspecting salesman several weeks back with a bare head…he jumped off the deck and stood in the yard to talk to me!) lol…I don’t go out of the house without a wig or a scarf, but as you can see, the hair is growing back.  Lots of white in the ftont, grey/brown in the back. 

Ernie keeps telling me it’s coming in thick.  NOT. I know thick and this isn’t it!

 Bear kitty is being my best bud here.  Such a fuzz ball and a lover.  See the white above the forehead and at the temples.

Granted, the flash is reflecting off my scalp in this shot and the hair is only about 1/2″ long, but this IS NOT thick.  It’s growing in whirls and I certainly understand why my hair would never go the way I wanted it to!   Hard to make it lay down when it’s swirling up towards the top of one’s head!

I certainly won’t complain, though I was hoping it would grow back red and curly :-)

Susan ~ Pstchkat


16 responses to “Not for the faint of heart…

  1. you seem to be doing very well and are in good spirits
    If bear kitty would lay still you could always use him as a hat. he is gorgeous

    • Bear Kitty is gorgeous…little vampire teeth and all! Wish I could train him to be a stole! He’d make a lovely neck warmer.

    • Me too! I’ve been told God’s not through with me here! I feel so good…to Him goes all the glory.

  2. Love the photo.. You look like a strong spirit with a new hairdo. Your smile tells a story. You are loved and in all our prayers.

    • Thanks! Please keep us on your prayer list. I cannot say Thank You enough for all those who are praying for Ernie and I.

  3. It is growing evenly, and those whorls may be the start of curls! As for red, it comes in a bottle! Hugs to you and Erniee

    • Lol….I don’t think I’ll be using that bottle either…can’t go the chemicals, lol. But leave it to you to come up with that!!!! BAD, BAD, BAD!

    • Well….if I could use the Fanciful Rinses, I could make it that shade of purple, lol….I like it too!

  4. More hair may come in later. I know it did for me. and that made it thicker. So I hope you get your wish for thicker hair. That red does come in a bottle though.

    • Oh Margaret, thank you for those words of encouragement! I have never had really thick hair, but I do hope it comes in thicker than it looks now. I’ll probably pass on the red in a bottle :-)

    • You’re a goof….I look like a PG basketball with white stubble! That’s why I wear the wig, ROFLOL.

  5. I think all those “cowlicks” are familial. I’ve got four and every hair has a mind of its own. That hair looks like it might very well be curly when it gets long enough. But I agree, if you want red you’re gonna have to buy it bottled. LOL Personally I like being a platinum blonde. ;)

    Love you, you’re beautiful, be ye bald or hairy as one of the cats!
    Aunt Deb