King of the Wood Pile…

This guy is so drop dead gorgeous and such a lover.  Wish he had better house manners.  ***Sigh***.   Some males just are not destined to be house kitties.  Floppsy feels a need to “mark” everything he comes in contact with…and it’s not a pretty smell.  We love him…outside!

This morning, when I looked out the kitchen window, he was in his King of the Wood Pile position…I snapped a few quick shots for you.

He’s watching birds…mostly Cardinals this morning.  We have a small flock of about 30-40 that hang around here all year long.  We put out feed and water … and hope they are smarter than the kitties!   

In the last photo,  I guess Floppsy heard the camera lens hit the window as he turned and looked straight into the camera for me. Click on the photos to enlarge them for a better view :-)  Sorry they’re fuzzy…that’s from shooting through the window.

I still think this guy has Norwegian Forest Cat genes.  To start with,  he’s a large cat with tuxedo markings.  He’s got a thick (THICK) coarse outter coat and the softest insulating inner coat…long tufts between his toes to keep him warm and he doesn’t seem to mind being out in the snow.  He actually follows us around the yard in the snow and seems to enjoy the cold!  Silly boy. Floppsy was a “dump” cat and probably one of the prettiest cats we’ve ever had. 

Susan ~ Patchkat


8 responses to “King of the Wood Pile…

  1. Your kitty reminds me of one that I had. Could be his twin except he had better house manners. His name was Oliver and I found a family for him in Michgan before returning to Ca. I was told mine was part Ragdoll cat. He liked to ride my hip while I cooked supper. and he would put his paw around my neck and hold on, just like a small child would do. I really do miss him.

  2. He is a cutie, Susan. And speaking of cats, we are having our guild quilt show this weekend and I saw the original McCall magazine with the Cat Patters of our TQP swaps in a pile of magazines for sale. If I can get there early enough tomorrow morning, I will have that magazine! DD and I hung a section of quilts this morning and get to take them down on Sunday.

  3. he looks just like my male. big and fluffy and has a mind of his own. mine is inside but we let them (him & his sister who is much smaller and short haired) out in the backyard and he thinks he’s a tiger and goes on the hunt. he brings “mamma” moles, birds, bugs and an occasional snake. .