Welcome to new subscribers!

I’m flattered that you enjoyed my blog enough to subscribe!   Grab a cup of coffee or a soda and get comfy…take a few minutes and read through the archives.  There are all manner of kitty, chicken, and Burkett stories.   You’ll find jig saw puzzles and quilt patterns in the right sidebar.  You’ll also find other blog sites that I enjoy on the right sidebar. 

Once again,  welcome!  I’m so glad you’re here.


7 responses to “Welcome to new subscribers!

  1. Have read this blog several times, decided not to miss out on any of the messages, enjoy reading about the activities . Thanks for accepting my subscription. piecefully, the old one gsteffen@evertek.net

    • Glad you’ve stuck with the blog, Gail. It has it’s up and down times…guess it’s easy to tell when I don’t feel so great or am a little on the down side…that’s when I get quiet and don’t post. I mostly try to keep everything upbeat! Welcome to my blog!

  2. I enjoy reading about your cats and their personalities. I have 4 cats and a stray that adopted us along with two dogs.

    I love your quilting. It inspires me to do more sewing and to branch
    out with the colors and design combinations.

    • Would love to see some of your quilts!!!! I’m such a glutten for photos or great blocks and neat quilts.

  3. Morning, I’m so glad I, too, get to follow how my friend is doing beccause I miss getting to do it in person. Love ya, Ann