Saturday’s Doings ~ Busy Day

We set up in town and sold tickets for chances on the diamond ring.   When our turn was over, we headed out to Brownwood.  Ernie had some electronic stuff he was needing, so it was Radio Shack and several more stores.  He did get what he needed, but it didn’t fix the problem with the walkie talkies.  We may be looking at a new set soon. 

I can hear you thinking…Walkie Talkies????  Why??? Nope,  we don’t use them to call from room to room, lol….but, we have snakes, virtually NO cell phone service, and live on the bayou.  When Ernie is down on the bayou mowing, clearing land or fishing, it’s nice to know he’s only a walkie talkie call away from help if needed.    We run our walkie talkies on the same frequency as several other families…so someone is nearly always available.    Just a little safety net for life in the country.

Next stop was Big Lots.  I remembered they had some electronics, headsets and such.  While there, I picked up a small AM/FM/Weather scanner radio for work.   Our local station is AM and doesn’t stream, so can’t listen on the internet.   I also found a  cute little Christmas tree that plugs into a USB port and changes colors.   That’s also for work :-)  

Of course, no trip to Brownwood is complete without the trip to Wal-Mart.   No great bargains there.   I’ve come to really dislike shopping there.  Too many rude people, too much clutter and it’s just too much for me to deal with…especially when I’m already tired and cranky.   Every aisle we turned down had stockers sitting in the floor playing with canned goods and boxed foods.  Straightening, no stocking.   There were a few stockers actually stocking shelves too, but taking up half the aisles so you couldn’t get a cart down them much less have 2 carts passing.  If they understood how hard it is for me to back/turn a cart, they’d keep those aisles clear.    I shouldn’t complain because without Wal-Mart, there wouldn’t be anyplace to shop for most of the things we need or want.   Guess I got spoiled to having “OPTIONS” everywhere else we’ve lived.  End of whine, lol.

Once we escaped from Wal-Mart, it was off to the gas station and back to Burkett.  Sure enjoyed seeing all the stock tanks full.  Passed one tank where the cows were standing in the water…looked like they were enjoying being able to wade around again.

Needless to say,  there has been no sewing today.  There’s always tomorrow!

Susan ~ Patchkat