Book Review

One of our congregation brought “Heaven is for Real”  for us to read…and what a read it is!  We were introduced to the awesome and very frank testimony of  not quite 4 year old Colton’s visit in Heaven.  

Colton is stricken ill on a family trip.   He is rushed to the hospital, seems to get better with treatment and is released.   Later in the vacation he again becomes terrribly ill and we find him back in the hospital at death’s door.

What happens to Colton is nothng short of a miracle.   His story is full of specific details backed up in the Bible….he tells of things way beyond the experience, knowledge or comprehension of a child.

What a powerful testimony….a book full of love and hope for the Earthbound.  I don’t think you’ll be disappointed…

The author is Todd Burpo (Colton’s Father) .   “Heaven is for Real” should be available in your library, online or the local bookstores.  If you have already read it, please leave a comment.  

Susan ~ Patchkat



2 responses to “Book Review

  1. I read this book and it was very good. Really makes a person think about what happens after we pass.